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Newbie, Anything I should Know About This Place?


Hey ya'll, I'm new to this forum. I used to post on another internet forum, but it went downhill, became filled with a bunch of immature pedophiles. I want to learn and grow, not stagnate with losers. So I researched a lot of other forums and this one seems really cool.

Any norms or customs of this forum I should know about so I don't make a darn fool of myself!?!


Nope. Nothing that I can think of.......


This thread has fun written all over it.


Unless you're a batshitcrazy, rabid republican (but then I repeat myself), stay away from PWI.


OP. Every time you post, you must end the post with a sign-off.



Ahhhh to be young...You had me at "Immature Pedophiles".

Rule: Do not request Training tips in the Get a life or Sex and The Male Animal forums.
Advice: Scan the Hard core porn sites for 20 min, pic a vid and rub out 3 good ones before starting a thread in SAMA.


T-Nation is a lot like your grandma's house.

We'll bake you cookies and tell you we love you, and mean it, but forget our daily ass-fingering, even once, we will destroy you and shame you in front of your mother.

RIP Gran. I miss you.


Troll thread or not, if this doesn't get to at least 8 pages of humor I will be ashamed.

Op comes back and makes 12-15 posts, we should hit 15-20 pages.


I still can't believe I punched my balls jerking off this morning.


I think you took DN too seriously.

Also, when you get a chance, tell that Carb kid his GF gargled your balls.


I once went to sleep with a cock ring on


Haha diff ball punching thread. And what carb kid?


I wonder how many chicks would like to punch you in the balls?


Dozens. Hundreds in e-numbers. Want a shot?



Consider it a personal favor.


Thanks, but you appear to be doing a good job at it yourself.

Edit: Maybe I wouldn't mind punching TexasGuy in the balls. :wink:


I still have the hat, if you're anywhere near Houston we can make it a game.


I will dig in to that gem tomorrow.


Don't even listen to this crap. Some of the best training advice can be found in GAL. Since I stopped squatting to parallel, my knees feel a ton better. True story.


Great some good advice once you dig thru the 10thousand other lines of bullshit.