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Newbie. Any Feedback?


Hey whats up...well it's come to my realization that despite my best efforts to understand the science of all this that I no longer can continue to do this alone. Having any feedback from experts would be epic. My experience is minimal about 3 cycles of Sust at 500mg/ week. Some experience with deca...400mg/week. 30-60mg dbol as well.

Stacked on one run. No PCT really...a couple weeks of clomid and a couple inj of HCG @ 5000IU. Never can seem to keep the weight on, always dwindles away. I'll spare you the details because from what ive been reading im a dumbarsss. Just wanted to introduce myself since I've been reading all your peoples knowledge. I'll save my idiot questions after I've combed the archives and forums for a few more weeks.......anyway what up.
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yeah prob...i'm debating on this run to hit 100ius everyday. As opposed to after gear....or 250ius every 3-4days. If u follow. Also 100mg clomid ED for 4 weeks. I have an article I found from an endo journal that supports this HCG regime. I can post if someone is interested. Also been researching use of clen and a thyroid meds with PCT. Something about catobolic and anti-catabolic. Still researching. Thanks for ur post friend!


ffs.. you dont need to be a genius to read the stickies once or twice then come up with a plan.

500mg test, arimidex and nolva.. forget every thing you know and read the fkn stickies

HCG is not for pct,


As said above... HCG is to be taken the last weeks of your cycle and the 2 weeks before you start PCT (in case of Test E cycle). It should NOT be taken during PCT...

I have a friend and in the past he did a HCG only PCT. Got him some nice boobs in the process.