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Newbie And MAG-10

I have a friend that is 40 years old, with 4 months of training under his belt. He wanted to know if it ok for him to take MAG-10 to for some mass.

What kind of results would he expect.
He’s 5’8" 190 at about 15%BF.


Sorry, about yelling but at for months this trainee is not even a baby in training age. He has yet to be born.

Anabolic aid such as MAG-10 or anything else need/should be saved until you have quite a bit more time under the iron.

Have this person simply LEARN how to lift properly and nail a solid diet. Even with a sub par diet and training program he/she should make awesome newbie gains for atleast the next year. Add in proper nutrition and a solid w/o and your talking several years of FAST progress.

No need for the aid. Now seeing as PH’s are being banned here very shortly one could purchase them freeze them for say 5 years at which time they MIGHT be ready to use such an aid. That is if they have used ALL that time to hit the iron and nail a solid diet and learn as much as they can about what effects different training and nutritional stimulus have on THEM.

Sorry to rant a bit, I just dont see the need for the use of MAG-10n in this situation. there is NO magic freaking pill. Even with AAS you have to bust butt in the gym and have a solid nutrition plan to reep the real benefits.

Why dont you have this guy post his diet and training programs and we can all help him progress there.

Hope this helps,