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Newbie and Anavar


I believe I may have done something stupid and am a bit nervous about it. Just completed 30ml of Anavar in six weeks. Did absolutely no research on it - went with a friends recommendation. AFTER reading a lot on T-Nation - I realize that I may need an AI or PCT coming off this stuff??????????????? Or is all good? Comments please - and please don"t "dumb shit" me. I know I fucked up.


Ml = milliliters. That is a unit of volume.

Mg = milligrams. That is a unit of mass.

Drugs are measured by their mass.

How much anavar did you use per day for the 6 weeks?

Yes you should be doing PCT, especially at your age. No, you dont need an AI.

You are in what I call 'the hand holding stage'. That is the only reason I am answering your extremely basic questions. But I dont think its fair for you to expect me or anyone else to answer your next question: "What do I do for PCT". Read the stickied threads. Or better yet ASK YOUR DAMNED FRIEND



Hey Bonez217 - 30mg at 1 per workout, lasted six weeks. Thank you for answering and YES I will stop putting drugs in my body. And yes - my next question is what do I do for PCT? Please answer.


Come on Bonez. I won't mess with this stuff anymore. PCT?


Bonez said to read the stickies. So read the stickies and you will have your answer. If you are just going to say "yeah I read them" without actually reading them all, then just read the one about SERMs.