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Newbie Alert


Hey all. Not sure if this is the right place to post. Anyway, if not, y'all can poke me in the ribs. English is not my mother tongue, so you can also poke me in the ribs about it (hey: great way to learn huh?!)

Very long time reader (from the very first issue when it was still T-Mag, back when I was young), but first time poster. I've kinda stopped training about 5 years or so ago, after 12 or so years straight, and now I'm gettin' back into it.

Why, oh why did I EVER stop in the first place... So although I was there in the beginning of T-Nation, I've kinda lost touch with the scene over the last 5 years. Feels sweet to be back!

I'm very grateful for all I've learned so far here, and I'll do my best to contribute to the Nation to show my gratitude! Damn glad to be "with" you guys (and gals!)


Welcome back.
Now the important question is: pancakes or waffles, you must choose one.


I'll pick for him.



I"ll pick for him as well. Waffles


WHOA WHOA! Screw that.


Don't let Jchenky and PMPM fool you. They'll end up tricking you into buying them some Surge Workout Fuel. They pulled this trick on a bunch of members (Makavali, Renton, Xen Nova, etc.)

Don't be fooled. PANCAKES!


Yeah. Like he's going to believe some dude when he could get on our good sides.


i don't understand how this is still an issue. waffle are, and will always be, better than pancakes.


How typical.

The raisin hater and ball-collector, try to use peer pressure on the new guy.

He can make his own decisions. Of course, he already knows that only cool people eat PANCAKES.


Why would I lie? I want nothing from him. I don't even like him as a human being. But I refuse to let you and Jchenky trick another member.

Viva La Pancakes


You didn't complain when Jchenky tricked your member last night.


Yes I have another addition to our matching game.


again.. it's pancakes!


Pancakes obviously, what T-Man eats waffles


I know a certain Level 5 T-Man who eats waffles off the breasts of various and sundry saucy minxes.


If a man also eats waffles, as he eats pancakes, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. -- Maj.20:13

This is how ridiculous you sound.

I only eat pancakes; because the Bible says to eat waffles is an abomination. Even if someone else who isn't religious wants to eat waffles, I would deny them this right to preserve and restore the sanctity of syrup.

After all syrup is a holy sacrament and should be reserved for pancakes. It is God's law.

Even though I know some waffles, I don't believe that they should be able to enjoy the love and benefits of syrup. The International House of Pancakes has always stood by what the Bible says and believes that to be a waffle is a sin.

As a lover of pancakes I can never support waffles and their battle to enjoy syrup, especially under the IHOP.



sup noob

Oh yeah, vote pancakes.


I don't think I've ever been asked to choose.

I choose pancakes. ducks


Yo Momma I think I love you.
I know I love IHOP.
Shit, i'm tired.....


I'll protect you!!!!


I can't believe you hijacked this poor man's thread for some silly pancakes v waffles debate....

... when the real enemy is syrup.

Of course, everyone knows the pecking order among breakfast carbs is:

blueberry buckwheat pancakes > waffles > inferior pancakes

Just check the beginner stickies.