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Newbie Advice

Hi I’m new to the forum and see lots of info here. I would like to gather everyone’s thoughts on what my Dr has suggested for me. I went into see an anti aging dr for many symptoms that I have been experiencing.

I am 6’ tall 195" in fairly decent shape 35yrs old and have been noticing issues over the past few years.

  • Lack of energy being tired most mornings and other times of the day despite 6-8 hours sleep.
  • increase in injuries.
  • dry irritated eyes
  • harder to lose weight/ maintain muscle
  • reduced libido, no morning wood, reduced erection quality…
  • lack of drive overall

Prior to testing the dr had me check my body temperature first thing when waking up for about a week and it was rough 1 degree lower than normal consistently.

Here are my test results.
Cortisol 10.6 ug/dl 3.09-16.66
FSH 1.5 miu/ml 1.4-18.1
Free T3 3.5 pg/ml 1.7-5.2
FT4 .9 ng/dl .7-1.6
LH 1.4 miu/ml 1.5 -9.3
Testo, free and total sex horm bind glob 43 nmol/L 10-57
Total testosterone 612 ng/dl 251-750
Testing free calc 146.7 pg/ml 47-244
TSH 1.770 ulu/ml .358-3.740
B12 483 pg/ml 193-986
Estradiol 30 pg/ml 3-70
DHEA 94 ug/dl 80-560
Igf1 183 ng/ml 115-307
Test biofepd testo 739 ng/dl 300-1080
Test lc-ms 362.5 ng/dl 130-680
Test fr, LCMS 130 pg/ml 47-244
D3 46 ng/ml <20

The dr has prescribed the following based on the results :
16.25 mg nature-throid daily
1 pump 100mg test / 5mg progesterone gel daily
DHEA 25gr daily
Co-q10 100mg daily
B12 5000mcg daily
Omega 3 1 pill daily
D3 5000 daily

I’d like to get some additional opinions thoughts on these recommendations.

I also suspect iodine was low.
Have you been using iodized salt or sea salt.
You also need selenium, get a multi-vit that lists iodine+selenium and other trace elements.

Cortisol was OK, but could be better. Progesterone may increase cortisol. If you take at night, could help sleep, but if that bumps cortisol, keeps some awake. We know that many with low thyroid function cannot absorb transdermal T products. By extension, I would then expect progesterone and pregnenolone to also not absorb in those cases.

Please be more specific about body temperatures when you first wake up and mid-afternoon.

Food sensitivities or digestive issues.

New house a few years ago? Fumes, mold etc.

fT3 should support normal body temperatures, so we can suspect that rT3 might be blocking T3 receptors. Get rT3 tested.
rT3 can be elevated from:
chronic inflammation or infection - probably allergies or toxins too
Please read the thyroid basics sticky and find references to [using ^F (find)]:
97.3, rT3, adrenal fatigue, Wilson’s book, iodine

Your doctor seems to be really good.

Other labs:
fasting cholesterol [can be too low]
CRP - general inflammatory marker

E2 is elevated a bit. If lower, FT could improve.

Problem: FSH/LH are very low. TT and FT should then be very low, but not. This is very strange. Something is wrong with your labs or testes are walking on water!