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Doing my first cycle.
Wk 1-10 Test enth - 500
Wk 1-6 Deca - 300

Im pretty content with my current situation I think (correct me if im wrong) Just wondering, would tren be a welcome addition to something like this and what would be possible pros/cons.


I hope you have a solid PCT plan that you just forgot to mention...otherwise you could do more harm than good with this.

My opinion is to save the exotic stuff for later cycles. For now you should be able to make awesome gains on Test alone. Pros are that, well, you are stacking another drug with different effects that can work synergistically with your Test. Also, Tren will help you to put on very lean size. You can dirty-bulk like mad and not put on an ounce of fat. For some people it's more of a recomposition drug; they don't gain weight, but stay the same while leaning out. Strength gains should be good, as well.

Cons: It also has the reputation for having possibly the most sides of any injectable. But, that is very dose-dependent and individual. Many people handle it just fine even at high doses. Others don't. If you have any history of depression or mental illness, use caution. On the other hand, some believe that stacking with mild (even TRT) doses of Test keeps the sides away.