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Newbie Advice For Stepping Over


I'm thinking about stepping over and just wondering if I could get some suggestions

I'm 40, 240lb and live, eat, and breath metal. My diet is pretty tight, and I feel I'm pretty close to max gain. At least I can't gain as fast anymore. So I'm thinking about doning a little something to help things along. MAG-10 worked wonderfully for strength gains but it's gone and I don't see anything out there worth a damn.
I'm looking for a good starter cycle, just give me a taste without emptying my bank accout

Thanks for any help!


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That's pretty much the way I'm leaning (don't worry I'll do some work) I just wanted to see what you all suggest, I don't have the advantage of access to much experience, except for you all.



This is what I also find. I don't know a single person with real knowledge and experience with steroids. Even when I went to a gym to workout, there wasn't anyone there to even discuss the topic. Okay, there were a couple of young guys who kept trying to sell stuff to people but when you aren't even 20 and weigh less than 150lbs, I don't think I am going to trust your advice. Of course the alternative is that you have to trust what you are reading online is on the up and up. And, more importantly, should you decide to purchase, you have to trust the online sources. Not an easy thing to do. Not trying to hijack here, but I do understand your situation.


For a first cycle I'm a big fan of Test only for a first cycle, at your weight I'd probably run Prop at 600-800mg/wk.

While I definitely like adding an oral like D-bol it's nice to know how your body reacts to one compound before you start complicating things with more compounds, that way if you're getting side effects you know where they're coming from.

Since nobody does just one cycle you might as well plan for the future.



You mentioned something about "until the test builds up".

Does the test build up? If so, whats the range of time for this to occur?



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