Newbie & 6 Weeks into TRT...Thoughts?

Turned 50 in July. I am a very healthy man who works out 4 days a week, not overweight, good nutrients, food…

Went to a Harvard trained HRT MD here is Fort Lauderdale back in mid November and had a complete blood work done including of course an Endocrin Eval. The CBC and General Chem were all in the normal range. Here’s what Endo panel said:

Albumin 4.8 g/dl
LH 2.7 mIU/ml
Progesternone 0.97 mg/ml
Estradol 29.1 ng/ml
DHEAS 382.1 ug/dl
Total Testos 433 ng/dl
Sex Hormone
Binding Globulin 37 nmol/L
Free Testos 4.10 ng/dl (1.88%)
Bio Avaible 205 ng/dL (47.4%)
IGF-1 296.0 ng/dl
Coristol 19.4 ug/dl

Goal is to move Total Test from bottom third of normal range to top third of normal range - 700 to 800. I’d also like to see the % of Free T go from 1.88% to close to 3% or greater as possible.

Weekly Protocol:
Daily: Cream (2 click) DHEA/Pregnenolone/Seleg3 10 mg gel
Sunday: Injection of 500 units HCG
Monday: Injection of 500 units HCG
Tuesday: Injection of 120mg IM of Test Cyp
Wednesday: Anastrozole 0.5mg

This is my 6th week and finally starting to feel different; no kidding, THE LIBIDO HAS KICKED IN Good workouts in the gym with faster recovery as well. I am thinking of spreading out the protocl so that I get 60 mg of test on Monday and Thursday to even out the spikes. Do the same with the HCG as well. I also think .5 mg of AI is not enough as well…should be like 1 mg over a few days.

New here so appreciate your thoughts in advance.

what were your symptoms before starting treatment?

have you read any of the sticky threads at the top of this forum?

can you give us a complete list of your supplements, medications, vitamins, etc.?

Did you get any Thyroid tests?

I personally think that lower-dose more-frequent shots are better.

In my personal case, AI was only needed because I was boosting my T and DHEA too high. Once I resolved my other issues and lowered my T-Cyp shots and eliminated DHEA, I was able to stop all use of AI completely.