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Newbee and Ghrp-6


I have read and read and read posts and articles on this stuff, and it looks encouraging. I am 6'1" and weigh 195, up from about 170 a year and a half ago. It looks like a 100 at wake time and then 100 post workout would work well.

Specific questions....

I always drink 10 ounces or so of Apple Juice when I get to car after workout. I have read a lot about keeping Carbs and Fat 20+ minutes away from the dosing, front or back, and wondered if the Apple Juice Carbs would affect this. As in, can I keep drinking the Apple Juice right at the car, and then dose when I get home, 15 minutes later....then wait 20 to pack in Protein, Waxy Maize, etc, then hopefully a lot of food.

Also, I had wondered about half life and using this just at Post Workout time...just to get some Appetite and maybe some of the GH help. I fully understand that should lower my expectations of the results, but I wondered about starting with that. 1 x 100 Post, and only on lift days..which are every other day. Maybe even dose the following morning after workout, as we usually workout around 4-5 PM. I read somewhere a 10 hour half life?

What are my goals? Just to get over 200, maybe to 210,m and allow my joints to maybe get a break. I am 47 years old, and I lift heavy...I get good soreness pain, but at this age I get some real pain too... :slightly_smiling:

I am not the typical here, just want to put some nice touches on what I started. About to top off, and just maintain from here on out, possibly after this one last push. But I have been plateaued out at 195 since May. Up till then, I was gaining 2 pounds a month. Now only two pounds since May, and that is almost four months.

Any help would really be appreciated. I know there are a few folks that really understand this stuff well.

Thanks !


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Makes perfect sense, and I understand. Why the A Juice at all? Cause I am DEAD after the workout. I have
a family, we both work full, etc, and it just gives me a little energy.
I can certainly skip it....AND, hopefully, I won't have to lift as hard as I am now to make progress. I am 47, and lift as hard as any 25 year old, mainly due to my inability to gain mass. And frankly, I look forward to a little help.. :slightly_smiling: Its been a long two years, and I am giving in to the idea of a little help from something, if you know what I mean.

Please give your opinion on this then....I lift, skip the apple juice, go home and dose right away. That is about 10 - 15 minutes post. After dose, another 20 minutes till Carb/Protein shake.
Adding all that up, plus my daughter needing me for this, or that..etc.... in your opinion, which seems to be pretty valuable to me :)....is dosing after i get home, then the post shake at 30 minutes post workout too long of a wait? Or okay?

The reason I posted this, is that I need someone to look at what I am saying and tell me what's up. Thanks for doing that. I have read your stuff, and it is good.

Other question...does this stuff have to stabilize at a level in my system? Or could I use it every other day, just on lift days? I read several places where guys do it every day...and my life just would tend to interfere with that, if you know what I mean. :slightly_smiling: And I certainly don't need my daughters accidentally walking in on me dosing. You could say "why not?!" Personal preference. :slightly_smiling:


Holy CRAP. You are like 15 hours into tomorrow already !!!! I'm still just coming into lunch Thursday !


He lives in Wales dude, not Australia... lol...

+6 hours time difference if you are in TX<>...he may get a good chucke from this when he wakes up TOMORROW.


There are much better PWO shakes than apple juice...at least add some protein to it (gross). Surge Recovery from this site is a good option

This is a terrible way of thinking. Continue to bust your ass and allow the new GH to work synergistically...don't be a tool that slacks off just because he is "on"

Why not just inject at the gym or in your car in the parking lot, then when you are home, you are ready to drink your PWO?

Just like anything good, the longer you do it, the more benfits you will reap. I saw immediate benefits. There is not "stabilzation" as far as serum concentration goes, as it is intended to PULSE GH.

If you are only planning to do it "occsionally" why are you sweating your PWO dosage so hard?

Best protocol is 3x day on lifting days (upon waking, PWO, before bed). On non-workout days, just the AM and PM dose.

If you are wanting to use it only occasionally for youthful benefits/promote healing, and not so much for body change purposes (though there will still be great carryover), it is best to dose just before bed every night.

You have some homework to do.


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I am ALL OVER the pre workout idea. I already do a mix with protein and two tablespoons of straight baking Cocoa....that tends to help put the N and O in my muscles with the pump. But, I can replace the Cocoa with the two choc bars. And don't worry about fat. I get fat, but it only lasts for a day! :slightly_smiling: Even at my age, I can still burn up food quickly, which is why I also have such a hard time putting on mass. And if the fat dare show up, its NOTHING another 4 x 20 of Hanging Wipers won't eat up in 24 hours.

Thank you bruther. I should have the g6 in a day or two, and am encouraged to try it. Just wanting to lay down the schedule.

I appreciate the tip on the pre. I respect that you probably use info like that to earn a living.

Thank you.


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Okay Bushi,

when you wake up Saturday... (see previous post mistakenly putting you in Aussie land),
you will chuckle at this. I chowed down 80 g of Hersheys, and went to lift with wife. I
didn't do my NO Explode, or Superpump Max, trying to get off that stuff cause it makes me
get up all night to pee. I still had plenty of strength tonight to do legs. I felt a
decent pump in my legs, and had energy to workout. Noticed the lack of caffeine, but again
I need to get off that for pre W/O due to peeing all night, unless I get a cathiter.
I could feel the Theobromine a little, and I think that is about 1/3 effect of caffeine.

So I get home, and without even thinking, I drank my post workout about 20 minutes after
lifting. BTW, here's where you laugh, so pay close attention. Did I tell you that my
usual Post is part milk, part protein, and part Carbo Gain....how bout 50 g of Carbo gain
powder. hmmm.... and GUESS WHAT !!!?!?!? I about PUKED !!!! :slightly_smiling:

Then I looked the choco bar wrapper..hmmm....so I am injesting about 50 g of Carbs and 45 g
of sugar in my pre workout, only to reward that with ANOTHER 50 g POST Carbs !

Ya wonder how I get outta bed in the morning...some days...much less tie my SHOES.

So...when I start the g6, I think I can safely do away with the post CARB powder....

Huh..... :slightly_smiling: The first 45 g of Carbs is probly enough, huh... :slightly_smiling:


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I posted this, but now I can't find it.

I have read, and read, and read about reconstituting Ghrp-6 with Bac Water.
I thought there was a catch to it, but the problem part is when people talk
about clicks on a syringe.....

I figure, if the syringe is 1 ml, I will use 100 mcg twice a day.

Here's how.

For math sakes, I think of it this way....

1 mg powder with 1 ml Bac water puts 1 mg in 1 ml.
1000 mcg = 1 mg...

Sooooo that means at a 1 : 1 ratio, 100 mcg will be 1/10 ml.
Whatever the total says on the syringe, if it is a 1 ml, then
I will go with 1/10 full.

You say...the stuff comes in 5 mg. Then figure 5 mg to 5 ml,
or back to my 1 : 1 ratio, then 1/10 of ml for 100 mcg.

You say...can only mix in 2.5 ml Bac water with 5 mg powder in the vial.

I'm not gonna go redo all the math...that only tells me that it will
be TWICE as strong, so I need HALF as much for 100 mcg. AkA half
of 1/10 ml.

Why get caught up in how many marks there are on a syringe? If I need
1/10 ml, and pin is 1 ml, then I need 1/10 of it full to dose.

If it is a .5 ml pin, I still need 1/10 of a ml, or .10 of a ml. That

is 1/5 of a .5 ml pin. And all that is cut in half if I can only get

2.5 ml of Bac water into the vial......like I said.

My formula for 100 mcg is easy to remember. Mix 1:1 with Bac water, and
then I need 1/10 of a ml dose. Simple...then adjust it in half if I can
only get 2.5 ml of water in the vial...cause its twice as strong.


BBB, if you wouldn't mind, since you already gave him your "protocol", can you explain your thinking behind the chocolate pre-workout? Just curious as to why you think your friend was able to gain that much weight in a weeks time. I Would be interested to hear as I'm always up for learning some new nutrition tricks.



I started doing that 10 days ago. Went up from 195 to 198.6 in ten days. Suppose it works? Hmmmmm

Chocolate has theobromine in it, which moves gas into the muscles. It's also full of sugar, and you
use that for energy when you lift. And the 40 g of protein goes to work entering your muscles the minute
you finish your first set. I had always assumed that the Post time is the absolute time for protein...and
I was corrected by this, and talking to a few guys the other day. I was missing out on the time that protein can go to work within the actual workout.

I only changed this part of my routine. I had gone from 192 in May, to 195 over the Summer, stood still at a huge plateau. Now three pounds in 10 days.

I'd say it works...........


I wasn't trying to question it or say it wouldn't work, I was just curious to hear some of BBB's thinking about it. I play around with a lot of nutrient timing protocols, CPWO, fasting, fasted training, etc...I know the benefits of chocolate as well as protein pre-workout, both pretty elementary stuff. His friend gained a large amount of weight of which was mainly "good" weight, which is why I was wondering what he may attribute it too. I'm glad it's working for you.


Gotcha. It just seems like you answered your own question..you know the benefits of choc as well as protein pre...both elementary, as you said. You are right, it is good weight, muscle. I was desperately needing something to break a plateau and this was extremely timely for me. The one thing you don't know, is that I have an extremely hard time adding muscle at my age, much less muscle and good weight. I started two years back at 6'1" and 162 or so. My wrist measures at about 6.5 " circumf. I do not have a frame that gains weight very well. I worked hard for two years, and added 35 lbs..but last May I hit a huge wall.
This idea, simple as it is, pushed me up again. I am only after about 8-12 more pounds, them I am leveling off. But for me, to be able to use something that simple, was really an accomplishment.


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I am very, very greatful for the idea. I hit 200 lbs today at the gym !!! I have gained 5 pounds in ten days since..sorry exactly 12 days.
I started the ghrp-6 today. I am looking forward to an appetite! I lifted at 11:30 with my wife, and came home and drank my post drink (20 g protein, milk, 40 g Carbo Gain) while I walked to the mailbox. And THERE IT WAS !!! So I waited an hour to do it, to get the Carbs out of the way. Read lotsa posts about keeping Carbs either 30 min before, or after the dose.
Beings I have a life, family, little girls, and this is just a hobby, I was very careful with it. I actually only did 50 mcg at 1:35 CSTime, an hour after my post drink, after killing legs in gym. I know this is a low dose, but I have meetings this afternoon and don't have time for a problem reaction. I intend to do 100 mcg tonight about 6:00 PM. Trying to start slowly....
Reaction..none. I looked at the clock and figured I would have to be around food about 20-30 minutes after dose. I left house, was at McDonald's 25 min later. I actually was a little hungry, and ordered two McDoubles and a Fry. Ate one, and the fry, and put other in fridge for later this afternoon.
Nothing BIG here, but I was not dreading food. For two years I have NOT wanted to eat post workout. And today, I really enjoyed the McDouble and fries, and about 40 min later am thinking about eating the other one. That is a HUGE difference for me ! An Appetite ! I feel a little tender at the inject spot, and also below that...but nothing that bad. Just barely noticeable.

I have a long day, and have two clients to train at 4, and 5:00..then I intend to do 100 mcg at about 6 PM.

More later.


Last night I was busy and got exhausted. Thought to myself, if half life is 10 hours, why waste what I already did and overlap it with another...so I did not do night dose last night.
Did 100 mcg at 8:15 this morning. I started cooking some eggs just in case...but I waited for 20 full minutes before eating anything. That and I had Oatmeal one hour prior at about 7:00.
Right after shot, about 5 -8 minutes, I noticed a slight, very slight dizziness and shakiness. When I looked at my hand in front of me, it would hold steady. But when I didn't think about it, I was a little bit shaky.
This may be what others term as a slight hypoglycemic...isity..or whatever that word is.
(To help with this, I drank a cup of apple juice right after I ate the eggs below...)
I watched the clock, and did not have an overwhelming hunger...but the 2 eggs started looking pretty appetizing. I put in some cheese, and some chicken. Woofed that at about 22 minutes post dose. Then I put my stuff together to head to work. Stopped at grocery store, and as I got in the store I started thinking about some things, so I picked up some frozen egg, cheese and saus muffins, some peanuts, and some more Nutty Bars. Hint: Probably not good idea to go to store on 1- empty stomach, or 2- after dose. :slightly_smiling:
As I walked out, I ate about a half cup of peanuts. Got to work, and had two nutty bars with coffee. Settling down now.
But the coolest thing, is that I have an appetite now. Have not had one for two years...and it feels great. Granted, I need to watch it and stay off the nutty bars and eat clean, or it could wind up with me gaining some fat.
It makes me wonder out loud, why don't they try this on Cancer Patients? Maybe Jim at PP is all over this, I know he was at Mayo in Rochester talking to some Docs...

At this point, I am waiting to find out how much you crash, if at all, a while after the dose. I was told that later this afternoon I won't have much energy.
But I do intend to dose again after 6:00 tonight, if all goes well.