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I just got a 2 mini bands and 2 micro minis bench by jumpstretch. How do we set up with the bench? I seen dumbells used but how? Won’t the dumbells move? Also can I use the mini for squats?

If using dumbells, you can bracket each one with 10 lb plates on either side of the db to keep it from rolling, that and use a heavy enough db. You CAN use the mini for squats, whether it’s enough tension to be effective is up to you and where you are at.

I used to use dumbbells and put one band per side. However, an easier option is this: slip one ned of the band over the bar sleeve (do this after you have soem weight on the bar) and run the band under the bench to the other side and slide the other end over the other bar sleeve. This alters the tension somewhat so you may have to rethink the tension/weight, but it it is really easy to work with.