NewB Program Help

I’m new to body building/weight lifting and was reading a few articles. I liked this routine in particular:
Monday: Chest and Triceps
Tuesday: Back and Biceps
Wednesday: (30 min cardio)
Thursday: Quads and Hamstrings
Friday: Shoulders, Calves, and Abs
Saturday and Sunday: cardio during one of these days

Chest and Triceps
Barbell Bench Press
Dumbbell Flyes
Lying Tricep Extension (Skull crushers) using dumbbells add board
presses and lockouts to switch it up.

Back and Biceps
Pulldowns or Pull-ups <<< put the rows here to switch it up
Standing curls- D.B.

Quads and Hamstrings
Lunges- one leg at a time
Lying hamstring curls

Shoulders, Calves, and Abs
Dumbbell Overhead Press
Dumbbell Shrugs
Standing Calf Raises- 2 sets
Sitting Calf Raises- 2 sets
Swiss ball crunches

first question, does this sound alright? I’m 16 at 6’0 and 203 lbs.

I’m looking to lose around 30 pounds while building muscle, i’ve put myself on a high fat, high protein, and low carb diet. My other problem is that I’m really weak, it’s embarassing in the gym. I know we all started at beginners, but i feel like a joke curling 15 lbs and hardly being able to squat or deadlift much of anything. I can’t do chin ups due to lack of strength and body weight. Do you have any ideas on how I can improve these things? I don’t know how to set up sets/repetitions for myself either.

I’ve talked to personal trainers, but most don’t know how to help people with specifics. I feel like giving up at times due to my ignorance and horrible weakness, but i want to lose the weight and build muscle. any help would be appreciated.

Hey welocome to the site.

I say drop the Flex type of w/o you listed and gop with something basic to start out. Based on BIG compound movements. You need to build a base before trimming the house out.

Something like=Dawg School Beginers Blast off

That and these may also help.
Newbie thread

Dawg School BB heirarcy

Oh and dont worry about what you or others are doing now. Drop the ego and do what YOU can. try and improve on YOUR own best. In no time you will be looking better and lifting more.

Read up and come on back with any questions,