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Newb Needs a Routine for Mass


Hey i'm a newb here. I have been lifting for a couple months now. I do not have a routine that I follow. I am looking for something geared to gaining mass. I am a lean guy now that shows definition, so burning fat is not an issue.


Plenty of articles on this site, look up starting strength. Lot of newbs have gotten good results from it.


Train your ass off and work on your diet. If you get your eating in check you'll progress much faster.


Allright let me check it out.


Diet is this

grapefruit 1/2
englishmuffin 1 tbsp peanutbutter
1 package of instant oatmeal
1 cup of orange juice

2 cups of cottagecheese
1 cup of applesauce

piece of meat (fish,chicken,porkchop)
3 cups of milk

snack (kinda weak for this one)
1 cup of peanuts

same as lunch
3 cups of milk

peanut butter n jelly
protein drink w/bannana,2 tbsp peanutbutter

water thruout day


That doesn't seem to be enough calories to even maintain on. Also, where's the protein earlier in the day?


Whats yer age, weight, height etc... ?


a good starting program would be any of the WS4SB programs, theres 3 out i think.


Add a big dose of protein at breakfast and try to bump calories up all around throughout the day, otherwise it doesn't look that bad.

Training-wise, it doesn't matter as long as you focus on taking your squat, bench, deadlift, press, row, and maybe a couple other lifts and doubling them over the next year. That really should be your only focus in training. If you're not gaining strength fast enough to make it, first eat more, rest more, then tweak your training. Real simple.




Ya know now that I think about it your right. The calorie intake is weak.
In what form should I get this morning protein?


Whatever you can stomach. Be it a steak, or eggs or a protein shake.


** Throw in a scoop of Protein powder here... or even some eggs.

*** Not too bad

*** That's decedent... how much meat?? Try to get lots... at least 6oz...

*** No protein? Have more meat... or a Protein shake with this... a Can of Tuna maybe?

*** Good as long as you get lots of meat...

It's not horrendous... but I would for SURE try and get more protein in there.. also add some more fat as well... Olive Oil or Udo's oil in your shakes...


The meat is usually a chicken breast or for instance my wife made pork chops threw two in a container,rice & greenbeans.

My protein shake is 1 scoop choclate powder, 2 tbsp peanut butter, 1 bannana. So I would add oliveoil right into the shake? How much?


All exercises are a pyramid starting light to heavy 12,10,8. No specific rest period in between sets.

Monday Shoulders & Tri's
overhead tricep extension (dumbbell)
tricep pulldown rope
behind head shoulder press
tricep pulldown bar
front dumbbell raises
side dunmbbell raises
30minutes of cardio (eliptical)

Tuesday Legs & abs
lying leg raise
calf extension
sidebends (obliques)
sweepers (obliques)
30 minutes cardio (eliptical)

Wednesday Back & biceps
dumbell row
seated cable row
barbell row
preacher curl
forearm curl
hammer curl
30 minutes of cardio (eliptical)

Thursday off

Friday Chest
incline press
flat dumbbell press
decline press
pec deck
15# medicine ball chest pass 3x15
30 minutes of cardio (eliptical)

saturday shoulders start of repeat

sunday off

  1. your leg day is a joke

  2. why are you doing 30min of cardio pretty much every day when your goal is to build mass? are you serious?


Yeah I'm serious. did you read my heading. It goes Newb needs a routine for mass. So you have a good routine, or just stupid comments.


I would suggest adding this to your diet:


How do you even search for that.


lol. thisiswhyyourefat.com