Newb Mistake Loading Syringe

im almost embarassed to post this, given the fact that i spent quite a long time researching my cycle and consulting with knowledgeable people.

im currently on the 4th day of an 8 week cycle of test prop dosed at 100 migs EOD. yesterday was my second injection and i fucked it up royally. i was loading the syringe with a 25 gauge needle and it was taking too long so i decided to shoot the juice back into the vial and grab an 18 g to facilitate faster loading. as i was pushing the test back in i guess the pressure built up too great and the needle exploded off and i lost about 1.5 cc of test. then some bubbled to the surface of the rubber topper before i grabbed an alcohol pad and cleaned it off.

before i re-pinned myself i started analyzing the situation: i got concerned that if there was a large enough hole in the rubber topper to allow some test to bubble out then it must have been large enough for some test that got on the surface to get back in, possibly contaminating the entire vial. so i started a different vial just to be safe before i got some opinions. does this seem feasible or am i overreacting? i called the guy overseeing my cycle and he said this happened to him once and that it would be okay to continue using this container.

before all this happened i thoroughly cleaned the top of the vial with alcohol and i didnt remove the needle and then stick it back in.

so is this vial good to go or should i ditch it entirely? i really dont want to waste an entire vial but i also dont want to risk an infection either.

thanks in advance for your help.

I doubt it is contaminated. It was only exposed for a short period of time in what I assume was a relatively sterile environment.

You had washed your hands and what-not, correct?

Sounds like you need to get some screw type needles, those push on ones suck in more ways than one. If you can hold the vile up side down and nothing leaks out over a 5 min span I would think your ok, that rubber closes up very well. You said everything was clean before you did it so personally I would go with it.

my hands were thoroughly washed prior to all this, yes. i think the vial should be okay, in fact i really cant think of a reason that it wouldnt be, but something about a liquid that you inject deep into your muscle and the FUBARness of this made me worry.


out of curiosity, has this happened to anyone else??

I had one of those push on type needles pop off when I was pulling out, no big deal but I can fuck with you head. I hear you on injecting anything in question deep in you ass. In a couple of weeks you will be excited when it’s time to pin:)

I’m sure it will be alright, usually the user tries to sterilize the enviornment around the vial, the vial itself, hands, etc. You need some screw on needle/syringe.

you should be fine…what I wanna know is what type of oil used to make it difficult for prop to pass through a 25g pin?

Ive inj prop through 30g slin pins with ease…of course back loading.

20g to draw 23g to inject is what I always do and never have any problems like that.

I would not draw with 18g needles often. they really chew up the rubber. even though you will only be drawing ten times out of the vial the rubber may break off at somepoint and end up floating in the oil. get terumo screw on neddles and tighten them when you remove them from the package.

Draw and shoot with 23g.

Yes, 18g will tear up the stopper. I was using them to draw when I first started, and it is indeed very easy, but seeing chunks of rubber floating around in my gear was enough to get me off of that practice.

The gear that came out of the top of the vial was forced out by all of the air pressure you forced in there. Try holding the vial upside down right now. No oil will come out. As long as you cleaned off the top of the vial you should be fine.

I also hate both drawing and shooting with a 25g, and have 2 full boxes of them gathering dust in a corner.

Have to agree with Cortes here. I draw with 21g actually, and pin with 23g. 23g works all the way around though.

thanks for all the help! i was pissed thinking that i might have compromised an entire fucking vial. no more 18 g drawing for me.

to the person who asked about the oil, my prop is ethyl oleate based.

What is all this different needle size for drawing business? Warm your oil, draw and pin with 23s (new needle to pin mind you). Sure it will take a little while longer, but it won’t swiss cheese the rubber.