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Newb Here,

I apologize in advance if this question is not in the right section or if it has already been asked. i know on blogs, chat rooms and in many places in real life newbies are annoying as they don’t know the ropes yet. please bare with me as i would like an answer to my question, if you have constructive criticism or suggestions as to where i should be posting things like this, let me know.

online toughness is complete douche baggery IMO.

I am a student who has been diagnosed with adult attention deficit disorder. debating the validity of ADD is fine with me as long as i get some answers to my looming question, just don’t hijack the topic completely.

I take adderall, the tablet kind that wears off in 4-6 hours. i am wondering how amphetamines might affect results in the gym?

the threat of cardiac arrest or other heart damage worries me. i have read a lot about that and do not want to compromise my healhy heart. i do enjoy cardio excerises however.

i take the adderall in ten mg tabs.

i work out early in the morning, usually ending at 7:00 or 7:30 am.

i get home, make a shake, take a shower etc and take adderall at 8:00, knowing my heart rate should be back to normal by then.

i take it again at 1:00 pm.

i think taking adderall an hour after my work out will cancel any cardiac risk as my heart has dropped to it’s resting state, but i want to know if this is a correct assumption?

also, will adderall have negative effects on nutrient absorption and use?

other than the side effects of reduced hunger and increased metabolism, is it catobolic?

i’ve tried to research it, but all i get for answers are the cookie cutter tid bits concerning dry mouth, weight loss, etc. there doesn’t seem to be much info regarding adderall and muslce development.

any insight or links would be great. thanks.

I’m not going to criticize you but these really should be questions you are discussing with your doctor.

try asking on the steroids forum. Some of those guys know some sick bio-chem.