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Newb from VA - 37 and Back at it Again


What's up T-Nation crew? I'm 37, father of twins and just getting back to training after a 2 year hiatus from having twin boys. They can suck the life out of you... man kids are more work that I thought. Especially two of those little monsters terrorizing the house at the same time.

Been training at home with a home setup since March. Running some gear since June and slowly starting to see gains.

Not sure if the right forum to make an intro but oh well.


Welcome. Not a father of twins myself, but I can imagine it would be quite a challenge (two sets of singles was challenging enough).


Welcome! I’m also 37 and only back to serious training for about 10 months. If you can manage the time it can be helpful to keep a training log, either in this forum on the Training Logs section.


I do keep a small notebook log of my training days in my home gym. I do need to start logging and sticling to a nutrition log as well as my eating is all over the place. The goal is to have some abs showing by spring time… just have to get my diet and cardio in order. Man nothing is worse than cardio for me…


Cardio is evil…


Cardio sucks. I find every excuse not to do it. If I do 30 min in a week, I feel accomplished. lol


Just looked at my log at home from 8/19 till today, my inclined bench went up 75 lbs. Either I started out under estimating myself or I’m finally seeing some decent strength gains.

How do you keep a training log on this site?