Newb First Cycle Experience

Hey all. Dont worry im not gonna post everyday. I realize a first cycle of 500 mg test prop isnt going to gain the interest of Jasoneels high test and hgh run thread, LOL… but its 3am, im not tired yet, so i figured id share what my experience has been so far.

Today is day five of my test prop cycle. I am pinning everyday. I made the mistake of pinning 150 mg on day one with a 21 gauge needle into my right glute. The right glute still hurts, could barely walk for a few days, its a lil bit swollen and red,but getting better and no temp (96.0). So i am not too worried.

The rest of the sites hurt, but its manageable. Did box squats (speed day) today. Felt good. So far I feel fuller, my workouts are much better. Havent trained the same muscle twice (at least heavy) so i cant say there has been strength gains, although i went heavier than usual on my speed squats and deads and was moving the weight pretty fast and felt aggressive. Joint pain has drastically improved, which i did not expect. I think because i have only been dosing 8 mg of asin per day.

Sex drive has not went crazy yet as i expected, but its there. I did notice a huge decrease in ejaculatory volume after the first couple days of pinning, did not receive bac water and vials until today, and had to wait until today to shoot hcg because of that. My nuts already feel more “alive”. Surprising how quick I noticed a shutdown.

As far as my mood is concerned, it is actually quite the opposite of what i expected. Normally I am pretty up and down as far as my mood is concerned. I am pretty hyperactive, and high strung. I DEFINITELY feel more “even keel”, or stable. I dont stress out as easily. This, I presume, is the test countering the cortisol production.

I was actually surprised, I had a really crazy day the other day, and normally my heart would have been pounding from the stress, and it did not seem to effect me that much.
So workouts are feeling great, and pumps are pretty awesome. When I grabbed the bar today for squats I suddenly felt a very aggressive drive which normally accompanies tons of caffeine and preworkout stuff, which i did not have today.

Plans from here on out- I was reading up on aromasin, and 8 mg might be pretty low. As good as my joints feel I think it is low. Also was feeling a lil emotionally down today, another sign of higher estrogen. A few lil zits, today my friend who does not know i am on test jokingly asked me if i am going through puberty lol.

Gonna up the dose to 12.5 mg asin per day. Also have some proviron I might toss in there, but dont even know if it is legit. May as well find out.

Diet has been pretty good… eating alot of canned chicken and sweet potatoes, “carnivor” beef protein shakes, kiwi fruits, berries, pomegranate juice, cbout 3 mg creatine per day, and lots of cashews. Have the weekend off so gonna stock up on some food so I can eat fresh lean beef instead of this canned chicken bullshit lol.

Also shot ghrp 6 for the first time about a half hour ago. Very hungry, bout to eat some food and go to sleep. Dont know if anyone will actually read this, but I felt like typing it LOL… Any comments are welcome.

12.5 mg of aromasin per day sounds pretty high to me. I would tread carefully there. That is the equivalent of over 3 mg of adex per week, which I haven’t seen used until guys are getting into some heavier cycles with a lot of aromatizable compounds.

Not saying to NOT do it, but be sure you understand the risks and symptoms of crashing E2 to make sure you can monitor for that happening.