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NewB Dbol and Test ?


Hello Brothers

Ive been using the search and reading articles heavily. I find all your wizdom extremely helpful. I'm 23 year old student training to go into the USMC. I'm 5'7 160lbs. train 4 days in the gym with a split routine and eat as much as i can. The only supplement i use is protien. I've been suggested to do a first cycle of d-bol and test, & clomid for pct. I don't want to take up to much space any suggestions will be greatly apreciated. Thank y0u


Dude- Add more mass before you run a cycle. Get closer to 200 over the next few years, then run a cycle. Trust me, you'll be better off in the long run if you do this. Never sacrifice long term gains to make short term gains.



I was in a combat unit for 8 years. To train up for the USMC you need to run, do pullups, pushups,situps, climb some ropes, swim, and depending on the job u will be doing, carry a heavy rucksack.

If you want to do good at basic training just make sure you can max the PT test when your dead tired and can run like a deer. Im not so sure you really need to hit a cycle and bulk up in the gym.

Wait until later when u are settled in ur unit to worry about chemical muscle, u would just lose it all in basic anyway.


So is that the case once running a cycle you stunt future growth?I suppose because of my heavy ruck sack runs and swimming im not allowing myself to stack the pounds. But wouldnt a percentage of the gains remain even if i was training for b0ot.& if this wasnt the case why would dbol and test be better then deca for a beginner?



i think you're missing these other guy's points.

i agree with Viking (as an infantryman myself)...you don't need to worry about putting on a ton of muscle if you havne't even gotten to boot camp yet. you're gonna lose a ton of it there anyway due to the high stress, lack of food and sleep, and "smoke sessions" and the endurance oriented PT.

now if you just wanna put on muscle, than d-bol and test will work.....but the key to a good cycle is keep what you gain from it. i suggest (and take my advice for what it's worth), that you wait until you're done with all your training, since then you will have a better understanding of what the Corps is all about, and you should have a better opportunity to maintain your cycle.

also, when are you leaving? if you're planning like a year out, than you may have time to pull it off. but if it's only a few months, then i suggest you reconsider.

p.s. also check out the steroid newbie thread.....


Thank y0u Brothers for your suggestions, I will most likely be leaving in january of next year so i have plenty of time. WOuld it be best to reach my peak then run a cycle, and what do you think about running a cycle of superdrol then waiting a month to due some real gear? thanks for your duty in the service, y0u set the bar high.



i've used Superdrol and was not impressed-it definately didn't compare to the real thing to me. honestly, creatine worked better for me...

i have a few questions from your first post: have you only used protein to help with your lifting? also, how long have you been lifting??

generally speaking, for better results down the road, you want to put off using AAS as long as you can, because once you use them, it's hard to see the results without, and quite frankly, you don't want to.

if you don't use many supps, you can try some of the testosterone boosters and pre-workout stuff, and see where that puts ya. also, try and dial in your diet-i'm guessing you're prolly pretty busy with school and work, so eating enough might be an issue. however, if you can't eat enough, than don't waste your time and money on AAS, since you won't be able to take full advantage of them

hope this helps,


p.s. are you planing on being an officer in the Corps? if so,when you do your security clearance (which you need as an officer), the question of drug use is gonna come up...


Every january they run a indoc for Scout Sniper, My friend is in the unit he's not a razorback yet but his going through training and schools. I to prefer to be a grunt rather than an officer. That's where the high speed shit is at. Iv'e been an athlete fron an early age and started in the weight room in my freshman year with breaks in between. I'm still making gains. Cyc0 i did try T-bombII, and i put on 8lbs in 4 weeks. just thought that i would get more for the price and effort with real gear. All your time and experience is greatly appreciated. & Open for any further guidance thanks big homies