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Newark, NJ


OK, Jerseyans -- Tell me about gyms in Newark near Rutgers/NJIT campuses. Anything good?

Safe to walk at night? LOL.


Are you actually working on the campus? I did an masters program at NJIT 2 years ago. I used the gym a handful of times, I wasn't serious about training back then. The NJIT gym is next to the soccer field. They used to have free weights in a dark 15x20 room in the basement. The main gym is upstairs and mostly machines. One of the guys in the SRC thread goes there now and said it improved. He said they put power racks upstairs so you should be set. They did however, check ID at the door so not sure if they'll let you in. I did 1 semester at Rutgers Newark but never set foot in the gym. Rutgers New Brunswick allows visitors to use the gym for like $10 a day. They may have the same policy in Newark.

On campus is safe. A few blocks off campus...not so much. When any NJIT students get mugged, the college was required to send an email about to all students. This happened a few times a semester. Mostly it was in our near the Newark Subway system (light rail) , not on the actual campus.



I have a client that's right in that area-- couple blocks east. Thought it would be a good landmark to start from. Not sure where exactly I'll be staying yet.


Newark is freaky. I wouldn't go anywhere at night.


Oh OK. Do you have a car? I like the retro fitness chain in NJ. You can print out a free pass and my friend has worked out cash deals with them for short term stints like you got going on. There one 5 minutes away in Belleville, a nice Italian town. While I've never been to that particular retro, I've been to 4 others and liked them all.



I meant 5 miles away. Depending on Newark traffic, it could be a lot more than 5 minutes.


I'm tried using the 'new' NJIT gym and I must say it's rather whorendous.

Most of the cable pulleys snap off track at will and the weight stacks are in such dire need of grease that they feel like they have EFTS bands attached to them.

Random DB sets are missing... 25's 50's etc and there are only a few sets of quarter or dime plates.

The machines are 1970's nautilus type, again good luck trying to adjust a seat with all the rust on the metal on metal connections.

And for you cardio buffs, there's one working treadmill, thats' so beat up it feel like you're walking on cobble stones.

Oh and there's an incline bench, but the seat part doesn't incline up, so u slowly fall out by the middle of youe set.

Not that you'd wanna sneak into this amazing gym, but in case you do there's a turnstile downstairs to prevent any freeloaders.

Yet I'm paying 60K for a 2 year 'membership' :slight_smile:


Hey Steely. I don't know about any gyms in Newark but if your willing to take a 15 minute car ride to Rutherford. You could train at Strong And Shapely. Any machine you can think of. Dumbbells up to 250. Monolift. Whatever you need. Really cool place.




So I guess it didn't improve so much. That's the way it was when I was there last in early '08 except I don't remember there being a power or squat rack back then.

Maybe Rutgers gym is better?


Hey Steely- I don't know about the gyms down there, but watch your fuckin ass there at night. Brick city's no joke. If you can help it, don't walk around there, the spot by the college isn't good either.

There's a great bar there called McGovern's though, an old irish cop joint right by the campus. Find it and go there and get drunk. The bartenders are good guys.


Drive an hour south and come to Camden. Great gym on Broadway and you can walk anywhere anytime of the night - there will be a ton of locals out, the city "never sleeps". The locals have been known to sit on their stoops at night offering mint julip and pastries to passing strangers...sometimes the guys standing on corners break out in song and everyone ends up singing. Up and down the Broadway strip there are a bunch of friendly girls every few blocks. All over the city they give away free lead. I know it's not that valuable, but heck, it's free right?

Now, I will warn you...Camden has it's own local language. It sounds like English, but it's a dialect of sorts. For instance, while anywhere else "who the fuck are you, what you doing around here" is normally cause for alarm, in Camden it actually translates to "what is your name, would you care for something to eat". See the nuance there? It would be VERY rude not to respond. A proper reply would be along the lines of "step off bitch ass muthafucka" which translates roughly to, "I would love something to eat friend". "Muthafucka", an apparent contraction of the universally offensive "motherfucker", actually translates locally to "friend". Another thing...a cold hard stare in Camden, while menacing elsewhere, is really just a form of greeting...it means, "I don't recognize you, but I'd like you to introduce yourself and say hello". It is considered VERY rude not to introduce yourself around there.

Now here's the best part for you adventurous T-Nationers...women in Camden will PROPOSITION YOU! Yes, it's true. Don't believe me? Just stroll down Broadway any time of the day and just about every other block, a woman will make eye contact with you and literally ask you, "wanna date?". Now tell me, how often does that happen to you? Where else in the world will women as you for a date?? ANY man here could walk 10 blocks on Broadway and get asked out about 5 times.

The Police Department there is one of the finest in the world. They are so good, Camden decided they could do without about 150 of them that they are now laying off. Crime used to be bad in Camden, but apparently, the City's remarkable turn around has resulted in the need for less police. Great news there buddy. In addition, they are known to be very friendly. For instance, if you're just driving around certain neighborhoods - you might be lost, they will pull you over, give you directions, and in an effort to save you gas and keep the environment "green", tell you to take it the fuck home (they are hard core global warming enthusiasts). Stand on certain corners and they will threaten you with arrest. Now at first, this might seem to be intimidating but the Camden Police are staunch advocates for family values - they want you in your home with your loved ones. Perhaps their biggest program was one where they would borrow street drugs from amateur pharmacists and then resell those drugs themselves, thereby taking upon a significant risk with very little thanks in return. How many police departments are actually going to help the amateur pharmacist ply his trade???

Trust me, Newark is a fucking shithole. Make the drive South to Camden...it's the crown jewel of the Garden State.


Trust me, I grew up just a stones throw from Camden. I got 'lost' once near the Campbell's factory in the late 80's.

It's "something" for sure, but I ain't sure "crown jewel" is the word I'd use -- L.O.F.L.

F.I -

My white ass is gonna get raped ain't it? What if I tell them I know "FightingIrish"?


Hahahaha. I ain't got pull in Newark homey... I go down there for fights once in a while but otherwise I keep my irish ass out the ghetto hahaha


hahahah the mayor's office should hire your ass for this one.

First time I ever saw a dude do heroin was in Camden. We were going on a field trip to the aquarium down there and guy was just shootin up in the middle of the street, middle of the day.

That place is hell


OMG, how the fuck can anyone live there??!

I'm in the hotel. I want sammich. Subway across the highway. Got to drive a mile south to go north and to turn I have to drive a block the other way.

I get sammich, wait 10 minutes to get back out in traffic, have to drive past hotel to make another U-turn.

Time to get sammich from across the street: 30 min.

Ahhh, back up north where there's more trees than peeps.


hahahah. pussy.

Where did they have you staying? In Newark or a nearby town?


Hey, don't forget there's a tent city if you need a place to crash in Camden.

It's only about 2 miles from the police station - it's gotta be legit.


They recently laid off 160+ cops in Newark. It resulted in all the anti-crime units being pulled and the gang bangers have actually made t-shirts with the date of the layoffs on them.

On the Friday the layoffs took effect, there were 6 or 7 shootings with (I believe) 4 resulting in deaths.

I don't know about Newark gyms. There are some good restaurants and such there but like Irish said, Newark is no joke. Well actually, it is a joke and an example of how corruption can ruin a city. It is well on its way to Mad Max status, Camden is already there.

Be careful there Steely.


I go down there alot for boxing matches, but thankfully they put the Prudential Center like a block from 21.

Let's just say that it's not "revitalizing" the town like they thought it would. Nobody, for some reason, wants to go there for dinner and movie.