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Go here: www.apple.com/trailers/fox/daredevil/

February 14 is when we'll find out if the "Man Without Fear" rocks......

Folks, this is the newest Daredevil trailer. I thought I had put that in the “subject” line…oh well.

HELL YEAH! The first preview reminded me alot of the original Crow with Brandon Lee,the flamming DD took the cake. This movie looks fantastic. At first I was unsure about the King Pin, but Im allready won over. I never followed Dare Devil as a kid, does Elektra really have ANYthing to do with the series? Great year for movies. I’d love to see a Venom movie,the story of Eddie Brock :slight_smile: A new Punisher movie, or a Dead Pool movie.I’ve also heard that there will be a movie based on the Tortured Souls figures put out by Clive Barker and Todd Mcfarlne. And thanks for putting up these links :slight_smile:

The Trailer looks Awesome but Ben Afleck as the DD I don’t know… Micheal Clarke Duncan looks like the “KINGPIN” although I know the “KINGPIN” is a cacausian charector.I had the pleasure of meeting him when he was staying at Trump International Hotel and Tower, when he and Mark Walberger was in NYC for the opening of “Planet of the Apes” I actually trained both of them. They were great people very down to earth… He is as big as he is in real life…

Yes Elektra does have alot to do with the DareDevil story line. I know eventhough I only have like 1 DD comic. Besides Elektra is played by ultra babe Jennifer Garner! Sigh! I’m glad they got Micheal Clarke Duncan to play the KingPin. At first I was pissed cause it’s like Tom Cruise playing…Blade. But then I thought who else is big enough to play the KingPin and Miceal Clarke is super cool. I’m kinda pissed that BullsEye isn’t wearing his traditional costume. Oh well. BullsEye rocks. A DeadPool movie could kickass. :slight_smile:

I think he does get a costume later in the movie, he says something about wanting one in the 3rd trailor. Brad Pitt would make a better Blade jk.

The trailer looks really cool but, I’m not sold on Ben Affleck as DD. However I really hope he proves me wrong.

Good trailer but I’m like the rest of you guys. I’m just not sold on Ben Affleck as a super hero. It just doesn’t “feel” right. I’ll probably wait for the DVD. I was looking forward to the Incredible Hulk, which comes out soon, until I found out that the Hulk is gonna be computer generated and not a real actor. That blows. There are plenty of guys big enough to play that part. I do look forward to the next “Lord of the Ring” movie, the new “X-men” and the 2 new “Matrix” movies this year.

I remember the Incredible Hulk tv show. That guy was fucking HUGE and ripped.

The guy who played the Hulk in the TV series was Lou Ferrigno. And you were right, he’s frickin’ Hyoooge!

I 'm not too sure about Ben Affleck as DD either. He just doesn’t strike me as an action oriented actor. As far as the Hulk goes, you couldn’t use a real actor to play. According to Marvel spec’s the Hulk is like 7-8 feet tall and well over 1000lbs. Lou Ferrrigno was big, but not that big. While were on teh Hulk, the full Hulk trailer is supposed to air during the Superbowl.