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Im only 15 turning 16…and i wanna bodybuild, ive gathered info from the faqs. the only thing i didnt find is the best way to build muscle in the arms,chest,abs,and legs. Im 146 and im 5"11 1/2…Ive decided to have atleast 5000 calories per day. can anyone help me

Start at the first issue of T-Mag and begin reading. Everything you need to know is in there.

If you have that many questions, then you didn’t read the FAQ very well as there’s a section for each of those bodyparts. Oh, and rule number one is “there is no best way.” Read Shugart’s Dawg School columns too.

Well, I was about your same size a year or so ago. Exactly your same size, really. Only difference was I had just turned 14, but the same stuff applies. Here’s some good exercises for each of the muscle groups.

Bench presses( I’d start with dumbells, since you might be embarrassed putting 25lb plates on the gym barbell bench)

Inclined bench presses

Pec flys

cable crossovers(same basic movement as pec flys)

Pull ups( regular and wide grip, use the assist machine till your strong enough)

Bent over barbell row

Stiff legged deadlift(watch your form on this one especially)


Shrugs( you can do these with a barbel, dumbells, or the machine is good to)

front dumbell raise

side dumbell raise

arnold or barbell press

standing barbell curl

inclined dumbell curl

hammer or reverse ez-bar curls



machine curls

calf raises

Skull crushers


Cable push down(reg or reverse grip)

Well, there’s a few basic exercises that I used. Keep the reps to 8-12. I gained about 20 lbs in a year, but i could have gained even more if I hadn’t screwed aoung for 6 month doing total body workouts every 3 days. Your going to gain weight, if you get even close to 5000 calories. Better warn your mom about your new eating habits before she goes to the grocery store, or else you will have eaten a weeks worth of food in like 2 days. Be sure to eat alot of protien and don’t indulge upon fatty fods.

IMHO, i think that 5000Kcal will be far to much to start off with, as you may not be able to lift enough weight/work out enough at your age to use all these calories, so you will probabbly just end up getting fat

Stick to about 3000Kcal/200g Protien/300g Carbs/100g fat at your age if i were you

This is just my thought though, so you might just want to take it with a pinch of salt :O)

Just for referance, i am 17lb with 9%BF at 20 years old. Taking Mag-10/Myostat -> Tribex/M and 20g Creatine.

Intakes are about 3000 - 4000Kcal a day, 200g protien, 400g carb and 100g fats


Paul G

are you going to listen to someone that only has 15.47 lbs of lbm?

I would take it easy with the kcals. Very few bbers take in over 5000 consistently when bulking, and the ones that do usually are on steroids and weigh over 220. If you are extremely active then 3300 kcals would be the top end. A more realistic number would be around 2900 kcals assuming your main activity is bodybuilding.

Calculate your calories on the Massive Eating articles.

Just for referance, i meant i weigh 170lb with 9%BF not 17lb with 9%BF

I did that massive eating thing too, and it said I needed like 5200 cals. That would be nice, but it is a huge amount of calories and I don’t have the time and my stomach doesn’t have the room. Just eat as much healthy and protien-filled food as possible.

Easy buddy, slow down. 5000 is a little extreme for someone who is 146lb, and a newbie (its alot for a more experienced lifter). Read Dawg school, and beginners blast off program. that should be a good start for your workout. For your diet, I would start at around 2500, and work up to maybe 3000, getting atleast 1 g of protein per lb of body weight. As you get more experienced, and are able to increase the intensity of your workouts, then you can start to bump up the protein, and calories. Keep reading the articles here, and learn as much as you can. You have plenty of time, learn to do things right.


I don’t speak for J.B… but when he first presented “Massive Eating” it was addressed to the person who was working out, “eating clean and “loads” of food” who was not gaining. It was NOT directed (neccesarily) to the beginner.

Another thing I learned from J.B. You have to really almost “change your physiology” from one that is inefficient at both protein synthesis, fat burning and muscle building to a muscle building and fat burning “machine”. That takes time. I recently plugged one of Shawn Ray’s diets into the “Food Processor”, and he was consuming close to 10,000 cals/day, while still being able to maintain a hard, aesthetic physique. Juice ain’t gonna be the only thing that will do this (for all you cynics). After close to 20 continuous and consistent years in the game, his body IS a muscle building/fat burning machine. (Of note is that Shawn admits some blessed genetics, too…but he also works hard at his craft).

So…set your protein like ko suggested. Advance cals slowly…see how your body responds…assess…RE assess…