I’m in a decent shape. I can knock out quite a few pushups and situps and do a 14min 2 mile. I don’t know anything about working out in a Gym though. I know what some basic exercises such as Squats and Benchpress are but not much else. I understand that diet and other things account for better gains. Right now though I have no clue of exercises to do, what would be a good routine or even how to put one together. Could someone direct me to websites that contain information of this sort, and also recommend some good books or publications. I know Testosterone is a good site but most of the information seems a bit advanced for me for the moment. Thanks.

T-mag has a beginner column called “Dawg School”. There are five or six of them in the previous issues section. One of them contains a complete beginner’s program called “The Beginner’s Blast Off Program.” There’s another one that lists the top newbie mistakes. Look these up with the search engine at T-mag (not the one here at the forum)and you’ll be miles ahead on the learning curve.