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New Zombie Movie


anyone see the previews? has Woody Harrelson (sp) in it. Looks pretty funny and decent.



A "funny" zombie movie?


I love zombie movies and games. Looks pretty good, but I like the scare the shit out of you flesh eating zombie movies.


Funny zombie movies don't interest me that much... but, hey, it's a zombie movie, so I'll see it.


Shaun of the Dead, didn't care for it, but it's been tried before


i loved Shaun of the Dead and I like Woody Harrelson, so I will definitely see this.


Shaun of the dead was decent, this looks great!!


I feel pretty much the same way.

The last really great Zombie flick I saw was the remake of Dawn of the Dead. I wish there were more great zombie movies like that.


Planet Terror was a kinda-zombie movie, I thought it was great.


Dawn of the Dead was awesome, so was Land of the Dead. But, for some reason I can't find this flick on imdb.

Edit: found it


I can't wait for the World War Z zombie movie. The book is excellent.


My buddy is always watching every damn trailer that comes out. I have my doubts he does anything at work all day, but he's been talking about this, and when I finally saw the trailer last weekend before 'Year 1', I laughed my ass off. I can't believe I'm stoked to see a zombie film. Most horror type flicks just seem silly to me these days, but I guess that's really the mark with this one.



New movie - Dead Snow. Nazi Zombies!


You asked for it.

I give you:

Surf Nazis must die!



zombie land looks funny, i'll rent that bitch.

dead snow; lol.


I prefer serious low budget zombie films.


I never got the whole zombie thing. I've never seen a zombie movie either, but from the previews I think I'd sit there the whole time expressionless wondering what the point was.


Yet, you posted in a thread about something you care nothing about.

That makes sense.


Looks funny. I like Woody Harrelson in comedies. Very dry delivery.


no it doesn't...oh wait.

i see what you did there.