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New Zealand's Semi-Friendly Skies



Thoughts? Personally, I think its ridiculous, but I'm also not that surprised with the extent to which everything has become so PC.

Great quote from the guy in question:
"I felt that it was totally discriminatory. Besides the point of what the hell was I going to do on a crowded flight."

On an unrelated note, I totally love the British/Aussie/Kiwi use of the term "gobsmacked".


These are the same people who get their panties into a knot over supplements. Their insanity goes further than anyone could have imagined.


I thought it was going to say they were banning sheep from going in the bathroom at the same time as the men.

It would be the end of the Kiwi Mile High Club.


And people call TC's exctinction of man articles reactionary crap....



Question: Would you want your unaccompanied young daughter (8-12 years old) sitting next to a 37 year-old male stranger? I wouldn't anymore than I'd want her to sit next to any stranger and I am not around.

Of course, I am not stupid enough to send my kids on a plane by themselves. If they are on a plane, I'm right there with them.

Personally, I think that this whole thing was ridiculous. The man was right, what could he do trapped on a plane that nobody would catch him doing? If he did try to hurt that kid, the police would be at the airport waiting for him to get off. That is if someone on board didn't kick that shit out of him first.

However, from another perspective, as a parent, I want all children to be safe. Even though they were trapped on an airplane, some people are crazy enough to hurt a child even in that case. And, unfortunately, most pedophiles are males. So from that perspective, It wouldn't bother me if they had asked me to move to a new seat for this reason.

The reasonings for the airline doing this has more complexity that many people realize. There is no easy answer.


I was hoping a parent would respond to this because you certainly have a much more vested interest in this kind of thing. But 2 things:
1) Are more pedophiles male? I honestly don't know.

2) If this same kind of thing was done to any other group (based on race, religion, etc.) it would be deemed profiling.

Just struck me as interesting. I think if this was generally applied to not having any unaccompanied minors on flights, that would be the way to go... but to single out just men?


If the safety for unnocumpanied children was a concern, then they could have easily had a free upgrade to first class for them and they would have saved a lot of face, and probably made some good press out of this. Generally speaking there is a seat or two if not more open in first class on every flight. The seats are bigger and spaced further apart, and the crew is all right there should any help be needed. But then again, that took me 10 minutes to figure out, so i'm sure a team of experts who work for the airlines already thought of that but just thought discriminating against men would be cooler.



Not cooler, just cheaper. When you are in coach, you don't count anyway. You don't get to sit on the right side of the cool curtain.


Still Air New Zealand would have save a lot of money not having to hand out velcro gloves with the headsets....



I saw an interview with the guy on local television a few nights ago. This political correctness crap is definately going overboard. The mere fact that we had a half hour interview with the guy during prime time tv just proves how retarded everyone is becoming.
One of our major political parties has even gone to the lengths of appointing a parliamentry minister as a 'political correctness eradicator'. His job is to work within the New Zealand parliament to halt the ongoing arguments between politicians over whether they have used the appropriate politically correct terminology or not.
Regardless of how ridiculous the political correctness movement is becoming, whoever sends their child
unaccompanied on a flight deserves a bitch-slap.


We only banned ugly sheep from international flights. If its Domestic anything goes.

Theres no way i'd want another man sitting next to my sheep if it was travelling unaccompanied...


Are you suggesting upgrading the kid? Half the reason for paying for the upgrade is to get away from them. Anyway, loyalty and milage programs mean nothing if there are no seats available for upgrades because someone wants to send their kid alone on an airline instead of doing the right thing-- sending them air freight. There are no molesters in a sealed box. Watch out for the airholes though.


No, don't confuse Kiwis with Australians there mate.


If they don't want men sitting next to children, move the children, it's easier for everybody involved.