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New Zealand Gyms

I’m going to be heading to New Zealand for three weeks of vacation in early August. I’m reluctant to take three weeks off entirely, especially as I’ve been making good gains recently. So I’m wondering about the gym situation there. I seem to remember that there a a couple of people from New Zealand on the board, so if you’re out there please help.

I’ll be in Auckland and Queenstown and some other smaller cities on the South Island. Are there any particular chains that I should look for or avoid? (I’m a powerlifter so I’d prefer to avoid family fitness places.) What can I expect to pay to get in for the day?


PM me with more details and I will help as much as possible.

I’m not to sure to be honest, I live in a small town with a pretty crap gym. Whetu is probably a good guy to talk to for auckland gyms (sorry Whetu :P). I doubt it’ll be much for a day, $5-10 maybe.

Anyway, I hope you get some better replies. Hyphnz has Otago covered.

Price wise I’d expect to pay around $15 NZ dollars for a casual session

There are plenty of decent gyms in NZ, I generally train in my home gym but I or my wife have trained at 6 different gyms in Auckland, they all have machines, plenty of free weights, and some even have squat stands.

Thanks for the responses guys. I’m really only looking for 4 days of training so hopefully I’ll be able to find a decent place to squat and bench.