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New Zealand For Summer


I am going to New Zealand (Wellington most likely) for a work program this summer. I was wondering if there were any Kiwi T-men. Also, I’m looking for a sublet but having the hardest time finding a good sight for NZ housing. Any advice would be appreciated.

The Fragile.

You picked a good City home of the Canes

Here are a couple of links that might help I am not to sure whether the first two have some sort of fee structure to them. The second stuff.co.nz is the local paper go to properties and then To Let. Depending on when you are comming ie Nov Dec Jan the students are away so more options

You said summer ours or yours ours is dec-feb, winter june-aug



Good post Wa,

Must suggest training at Powerhouse gym only t-gym in Wellington. Google it.

You should love Wellington. What line of work are you in??

Natelock, you just answered my next question, looking forward to checking that gym out, hopefully they have 3 month deals. I’m actually a recent graduate, just doing the work abroad for the summer.