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New Zealand and the Lions


I'm spending the next 6 weeks in NZ for the Lions tour and a bit of travelling (I'm English). The kiwis I've met so far have been very nice people (except for the kitty kitty jokes).

I've been using Ian King's death by bodyweight exercises for a bit of training whilst I'm here. Does anybody know any other bodyweight exercises I can do (especially back and chest exercises) I'm struggling to do chins because of a lack of anything appropriate to do them with and a fractured elbow!

What do you do in New Zealand for protein lol? I've had to drink about 6 litres a day of milk at the moment and eat a few cans of tuna. It is certainly not easy to do the backpacking thing and eat clean!
Anyways, come on the Lions!


1stly, just how sh1t were the Lions on saturday? I was embarressed. Ah well, I take some consolation in the fact that we weren't playing the Aussies.

As far as your question goes, try some of Coach Sommers planche progressions before repping out with the usual bodyweight stuff. He wrote an article on this site about them.

Re protein, that was the same trouble the Lions were suffering from, hence the need for some of the players to start biting the opposition. Human flesh is really high quality too.


yeh lions were pretty crap alright,not really a suprise to us in nz,high quality protein,high quality rugby,not any chance of the lions beating the all blacks,could possibly beat auckland though,even this could be tough for them though ,they look really second rate


just take advantage of the exchange rate and go hard on the meat at the supermarket. Hey a few months ago I was in your shoes (only in your country) and I was getting mainly cottage cheese and roast chicken from supermarkets in London for protein.

If you want to know some good places to train when you are in Auckland, feel free to give me a PM. and hey, if you get sick before the final match, your test tickets are safe with me. :wink:


Cum on the Lions? No problem!

I thought I saw in a different thread that the majority of the world's protein powder was manufactured in NZ. Not true?

The Kiwi's I've known have been great guys, just don't leave them alone with sheep.


Lions suck. 3-0 series lose, they will.

Anyone actually seen footage of what happened to BOD? Was Umaga at fault?

You can train in most gyms in NZ for about 10-20 bucks casual workout. Pretty cheap really.


You are confusing Kiwi's with Australians!


I think you're confusing them with the Scotts!


Australia, where men are men and sheep are nervous.
Unbiased view of the BOD tackle, (unbiased for a bok supporter) legal but close to spear tackle.
Lions win series 2-1, new loose trio will dominate the breakdown, Steve Thompson will give them go-forward.
any thoughts?


The Lions were shocking last Saturday... BUT the side that's been picked for this weekend is so much stronger. This could be the game for us! I'd be surprised if Thomo is reason though. The guy needs a few weeks on the V-diet. He's becoming a useless pudding (and he can't throw straight). As long as we get the lineout calls sorted we have a chance. Nobody can defend the spear tackle on Brian by the way. He's our best back by far and the cynic in me thinks that it was premeditated. I think it was outrageous and something should have been done about it. A career threatening tackle is so much worse than a bite!

I went to a big supermarket yesterday in Wellington and treated myself to a meat fest. The cooked meat section is huge and the roast beef was gorgeous!

Once again, Come on the Lions!!


A lot of schools' playground in Auckland have what one needs to do boyweight exercises i.e. chin-up bar / monkey bars for chin-up, dip bars, running tracks etc. Schools run 8am - 3:30pm here so go outside of this time.

P.s. Causal entry to gym costs about $10NZD per entry on average.

You can find health product shops in shopping malls. NZ produced protein powder is not expensive.

Can't tell though how good they are compared to Surge, Grow! etc. because I am raising the same questions to other NZ guys on another thread. Maybe other New Zealanders on board can answer that question.

And of course, enjoy NZ GE free foods.

Not sure about this statement but I wouldn't be surprised given known the amount of milk NZ produced each year.

Geek boy


Apayne is right, you don't leave Kiwi's alone with sheep. New Zealanders don't like this joke very much as they know they have more sheep than their total population of people. They got to do what they got to do on lonely nights I guess. j/k!

If you're travelling and don't have access to quality protein, look at picking up a bag of skim milk powder. You can find it in any grocery store if you look hard enough. Near the long-life milk in the cartons. It should have a solid amount of protein in it per serve (about 8-10 grams, same as a glass of milk). It's cheap, about $2-3 for a large bag and each serve has close to 10 grams of protein. If you double up the amount of powder serve it's a good amount to take. If you double up the amount of skim milk powder WITH milk you're looking at not the best tasting drink, but more than 20 grams of protein.

Definitely not a substitute for quality protein. But if I was travelling and there was no access to good quality protein, I'd keep up with eating tuna and taking additional skim milk powder.


Steve Thompson can't throw to save his life. The ABs will dominate the lineouts again.

Tomorrow's Lion's team does look a little more competitive, but they will still go down.


You're pretty close... lol ... How about Lions got slaughtered, AB loose trio supreme, and Daniel Carter, Tana Umaga and Richie McCaw playing three of the best games I have ever seen in my life?