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New Yrs. Res./ My Plan 06!


I love planning everything ahead, so here are my New Years Resolutions for 06.

1- Learn to cope with having narcolepsy better.

2- To gain a redicolous amount of muscle.

Here is my plan for 06!

2006 Weightlifting Routines:

January And February: Full Body Split #1 (to try and gain strength and gain muscle during the season)

March (1st half of the month): 4-Day Split #1 (to start to get ready for serious weight gain after the season. I might have 1 playoff game each week,
so my schedule me be a little off, otherwise I would start Quatro Dynamo instead.)

March (2nd half of the month) And 1st Week Of April: Chad Waterbury's Quatro Dynamo (to start gaining some serious weight. I've
never done a split like this before, so hopefully it will shock my body)

The rest of April and May: 4 Day Split #2 (working each body part twice a week to try and gain a considerable amount of weight.)

[b]June: 5 Day Split (working each body part once a week to recover from the heavy workloads in my last two splits and
with an emphasis on losing bodyfat. I have a fast metabolism, so one month is plenty of time for me to cut.)

[b]July And August: I will leave this one up in the air. I will do whatever mass building split has worked the best for me in the first half of 2006 to
end the summer.

September All The Way To January 07!: I will either repeat some of the other splits from the first half of 06 if they worked,
or try something new! I don't want to overplan ahead of time

Full Body Split #1 (legs only once a week because of Basketball on a seperateday 6-8 reps for every excercise unless otherwise noted):
Workout #1-
Barbell Bench Press- 5x3 of 5 rep max
Barbell Rows- 4 sets
Dumbell Shoulder Press- 3 sets
Tricep Extensions- 3 sets
Barbell Curls- 3 sets

Workout #2-
Incline Barbell Bench Press- 3 sets
Chinups- 3 sets
Military Press- 3 sets
Rear Laterals- 2 sets
Skull Crushers- 4 sets
Incline Dumbell Curls- 4 sets

Workout #3-
Dumbell Bench Press- 3 sets
Lat Pulldowns- 3 sets
Incline Dumbell Bench Press- 2 sets
Upright Rows- 3 sets
Seated Rows- 3 sets
Tricep Pushdowns- 4 sets
Dumbell Curls- 2 sets
Preacher Curls- 2 sets

Workout #4-
Squats- 4 sets
Lunges- 3 sets
Leg Curls- 3 sets
Calf Raises- 3 sets

4 Day Split #1
Monday- Chest
Barbell Bench Press- 4 sets
Incline Dumbell Bench Press- 4 sets
Cable Crossover- 3 sets

Tuesday- Back
Barbell Rows- 4 sets
Lat Pulldowns- 4 sets
Seated Rows- 3 sets

Wednesday- Shoulders/Legs
Military Press- 4 sets
Side Laterals- 3 sets
Rear Laterals- 3 sets
Squats- 4 sets
Lunges- 3 sets
Leg Curls- 3 sets
Calf Raises- 3 sets

Thursday- Rest

Friday- Arms
Skullcrushers- 3 sets
Pushdowns- 3 sets
Reverse Grip Pushdowns- 3 sets
Barbell Curls- 3 sets
Incline Dumbell Curls- 3 sets
Preacher Curls- 3 sets

Chad Waterbury's Quatro Dynamo
(Workout Guidelines- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459216)
Day 1- Maximal Strength
Squats Alternated With Lying Leg Curls- 5x3
Barbell Bench Press Alternated With Seated Cable Row- 5x3
Barbell Curls Alternated With Reverse Grip Pushdowns- 5x3

Day 2- Endurance Strength
Military Press Alternated With Lat Pulldowns- 2x25
Squats Alternated With Lying Leg Curls- 2x25

Day 3- Rest

Day 4- Hypertrophy Strength
Deadlifts Alternated With Hanging Leg Raises- 3x8
Incline Dumbell Bench Press Alternated With Standing Upright Dumbell Rows- 3x8
Barbell Reverse Curls Alternated With Skull Crushers- 3x8

Day 5- Rest

Day 6- Explosive Strength
Explosive Squats- 6x3
Explosive Situps- 6x3
Explosive Barbell Bench Pess- 6x3
Explosive Supinated Pulldown- 6x3

Day 7- Rest

Day 8- Repeat

4 Day Split #2
Monday - Heavy Day (Chest,Shoulders, Tris)
Barbell Bench Press- 3x4-6
Incline Barbell Bench Press- 3x4-6
Dumbell Shoulder Press - 3x6
Side Lateral Raises - 3x6-8
Tricep Pushdowns- 3x6-8
Skull Crushers- 3x8

Tuesday - Light Day (Back/Bis/Legs)
Wide Grip Pulldowns- 3x12
Dumbell Rows- 3x12
Dumbell Curls- 3x12
Preacher Curls- 3x12
Lunges- 3x12
Leg Presses- 3x15
Hamstring Curls- 3x12
Calf Raises- 4x6

Thursday - Light Day (Chest/Shoulders/Tris)
Dumbell Bench Press- 3x12
Incline Dumbell Bench- 3x12
Dumbell Shoulder Presses- 3x15
Side Lateral Raises- 3x12
Reverse Grip Tricep Pushdowns- 3x12
Skull Crushers- 3x12

Friday - Heavy Day (Back/Bis/Legs)

Chinups- 3xfailure
Barbell Rows- 4x4-8
Lat Pulldowns- 3x6-8
Dumbell Curls- 4x6
Incline Dumbell Curls- 3x8
Squats- 4x6
Leg Presses- 4x6
Hamstring Curls- 4x6
Calf Raises- 4x8

5 Day Split
Monday- Chest/Triceps
Barbell Bench Press- 4x4-6
Incline Dumbell Bench Press- 3x8-10
Flies- 3x10-12
Tricep Pushdowns- 3x8-10
Tricep Dips (machine)- 3x8-10

Tuesday- Back
Deadlifts- 3x4-6
Chinups- 3xfailure
Barbell Rows- 3x6-8
Lat Pulldowns- 3x8-10
Seated Rows- 2x10-12
Alternate Dumbell Curls- 3x8-10
Hammer Curls- 3x8-10

Wednesday- Legs
Squats- 4x8-10
Lunges- 3x10-12
Leg Curls- 3x10-12
Calf Raises- 3x10-12

Thursday- Shoulders
Military Press- 4x4-6
Side Laterals- 3x8-10
Rear Laterals- 3x8-10
Shrugs- 3x8-10

Friday- Arms
Skull Chrushers- 3x6-8
Pushdowns- 3x8-10
Reverse Grip Pushdowns- 3x6-8
Barbell Curls- 3x6-8
Incline Dumbell Curls- 3x8-10
Preacher Curls- 3x6-8

Weekend- Rest


I know it goes without saying, but please make sure you have at least one excellent spotter for all lifts, and two for heavy core lifts [deadlift and squat]. If it means hiring 'personal trainers' then do so, as you are at way more risk lifting then the rest of us.

Kudos for choosing to do something positive too.


thanks man. yeah im actually a little bit fortunate in that i don't have catapexy that often. i usually actually get it after im done a set if its done to failure. luckily my spotters gigantic and he knows what he's doing in case something bad happens though.

usually, if i do a hard set an duse all my energy to force out a final rep i feel weak and dizzy for a minute or two and then can continue.


Good to hear, if you haven't done a squat session yet, try get a section spotter lined up, as personally I dont like the leg hump feeling a single spotter gives you while you squat. Plus with such tremendous energy exertion you are potentially more prone to cataplexy then in say a barbell curl, and having two men able to "catch the bar" is so much more safer then a single person trying stop it and you from falling somewhere bad.

Keep up the good work.


fortunately for me i dont really get cataplext attacks. if im really pised ill just feel really dissy and weak. if i do a set real hard and get pumped ill get that same dizzy feeling afterwards. ive never had any scary moments at the gym.


Um, how old are you?