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New Youtube Page!

Hey guys me and my buddies made a new youtube fitness page. We released our first video today called “Getting in Shape for the New Year”. It’s pretty low budget right now but were going to keep improving on our videos and keep releasing really useful fitness tips. Its our first video so its not the greatest, but all feedback would be greatly appreciated from the tnation.com community. Please comment, rate, and subscribe to the video, it would mean the world to us. Whether it be that you’re trying to get big, or to try to cut down and get ripped, we should have the right advice for you guys. So stay tuned! We’re gonna put a lot of effort into this and hopefully help some people out through our videos.

our channel is on www.youtube.com/fitnessdudes

thank you for all support!


Great intentions, but watching your videos it’s quite apparent that you guys have not accumulated many years of experience in the weight room. Most of the information is accurate enough, but is common knowledge for most of the guys on this site. Now if you can become monsters and want to repost this 15 years down the road go for it!

I don’t get it!


yeah we’re trying to just get into really basic beginner stuff at first. We’re going to start doing some form videos for some of the basic compounds. Then start getting into programs. Then after all the basic stuff is kinda covered we’ll move onto talking about more advanced programs. 5/3/1,madcow,SL 5x5, some power hypertrophic programs and the smolov programs.

For now we’re just kinda sticking to the basics to help more of the “beginner” lifters, but we understand that it might seem like just people who don’t know what theyre talking about trying to make some youtube videos. So stay tuned guys! We’re going to start releasing more videos that are directed to the more advanced lifters, and hopefully we can release some videos that help you guys :slight_smile: