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New Yorkers: You're Invited!

After reading the thread about a a great new gym in Brooklyn - http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1391462

  • Matgic, DomincanDL, and I decided we had to take at least one trip out there to check it out. The place looks awesome
    Anyone who wants to make the trip is welcome to join us!(except New Jersey :slight_smile:

WHERE: Aviator Sports and Performance Fitness Center
WHEN: Either Wednesday the 10th or Thursday the 11th midday, and possibly again on Saturday the 13th.
WHY: To lift heavy things.
COST: Free! (w/ 7 day guest pass)
ATTIRE: Black Tie.
RSVP: Reply to this thread or via pm.


I’m down…preferably for Thursday, but if not Wednesday works as well- I’ll just have to lift Monday rather than Tuesday.

Lets go, New Yorkers.


I wish I deserved to hang out with T-Nationers. Bump in 5-6 years, OK?

Did you guys make it? What’d everyone think?

new york in the house

Nice place, looks hardcore, no curling in the squat rack allowed…right???