New Yorkers in the House

I just wanted to see who’s in New York and especially New York City. Represent!@ Oh and if you want to post the gym you belong to, feel free… I’m a Crunch-er;p

I’m on Long Island, right outside NYC. I train in my room. Fuck gyms. I prefer my Powerblocks, bench, assorted bars and plates, and most of all, MY fucking music. Lata.

MBE: “NY’s own Metro-Monkey since 1944.”


I’m a recent arrival. It’s just like MT, but with stupid gun laws and better sushi.

Here. Gold’s Gym in Brooklyn Heights.

Demo, what are you doing in NYC? Have you left MT?

I live in midtown Manhattan, and belong to NYSC. I’m actually a newbie; Have only been working out for a year. Even though I’m a newbie, I try not to post stupid questions, and I’m learning much from everybody who posts in this forum.

I’m not in NYC proper (shudder), rather Western NY. :slight_smile:

Uh…hmmmm…Demo…watcha doin’ in NY? :slight_smile:

I wasn’t gonna move to Montana

BUT, Michelle you could have started wearing cowboy hats and chaps. he he he.

laugh oh yeah, there’s a reason to move! I’ll just stick to western NY thanks, if I get a sudden urge to ‘play cowboy’ I can find a nice little red neck bar and get it out of my system!

Western NY? Isn’t that where Michelle lives? Hmmmmmm. What’s going on here Demo? A little hanky panky via the T-mag Forum? VERY Risque! And I thought you were in NYC! I have to be in there Monday for a meeting and was going to buy you dinner. oh well. Perhaps Michelle is cooking for you!!! :slight_smile:

Cooking for me? Not tonight.

At least now she doesn't have to order my Valentine's day pizza from across the country. :)

Heard some folk from Western NY? I am in Rochester…

LI- i train in iron island in ocean side

Uh Oh… looks like we’re ‘caught’ grin

Yup, Demo just happened to move to western New York, luckily he just happened to pick the same city... and the same street.

You win a pizza if you can figure out when this little escapade started!

Long Island, Glen Cove more specifically. I’m at a small gym in the area, appropriately named, “Glen Cove Health & Fitness Center.” Yes, it’s a foo-foo as it sounds, but I work there so I get to workout for free. I’m a student, sue me.

Can you believe this? Two of the three founding members of The Sick Bastards Club living on the same street! If that don’t beat all. So I guess that was you Michelle making those midnight pizza deliveries to me eh? Tasty little pies you make. BTW, Demo, you can’t wear your spurs ALL the time, esp. in NY.

Me? A sick bastard? I am a delicate, feminine, quiet, reserved, modest, innocent, understated girl, certianly not a sick bastard! laugh Same street… same house even. Oops, there goes that ‘innocent’ thing!

And stop with the midnight pizza comments! You're gonna get me in trouble! *wink*

Bronx (Duh) and I work out at home or run in a park with a track and handy places to do pullups.