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New York State's War On Steroids

I am a New Yorker who is fed up with our DA David Soares. This man has started a personal war against steroids instead of the real problems. He has gone as far as to travel to Florida and arrest a pharmacy for selling steroids to New Yorkers and then flooding the news with his “expertise” on anabolic steroids.

Now I am now expert in steroids. But love to read on them and educate myself to the point where i can spot a BS comment on them. I have never heard of a "death related to steroids nor has allot of my friends and co-workers who are amateur body builders and steroid enthusiasts. This man is wasting my tax dollars on a personal war on the wrong stuff. There is so much crack cocaine and marijuana and other drugs in NYS that kill abusers, dealers, and communities. Why is this jack-ass wasting our money in NYS. If there are any New Yorkers or any one who agrees with me please sound off. Also check out this link for a funny news report on DA Soares. http://www.capitalnews9.com/content/headlines/?SecID=33&ArID=207945

clicked on that news link…

Funny that they say some guy dies as a result of steroids after some “steroid like bottles” were found after his death…

Hardly unequivocal evidence,or even evidence at all. I mean “steroid like bottles”…give me a break, how open ended is that…but whaddya expect from f*ckin politicians and the media. I’ll bet David Soares conveniently ignored all the other substances this young guy may have been takin. This kinda shit endlessly pisses me off.

preach on brother, i am a new yorker myself, im pretty sick of this shit too.

Gentleman thank you for your feedback I just wanted to make sure that I wasnt the only one who felt this way. Bye the was check out this other thread 2 really “mature” Cadets tried to gang up on the ol’ sargeant.

the guy is a tool

This guy sounds like a classic politician. Instead of tackling the difficult, hard to solve issues, like drug addiction, he picks a political one, like steroid abuse, and makes a bunch of noise so it seems like he is doing something major. Kind of like when the republicans start a war because domestic issues are hard to deal with.

Good Luck with this moron.

What a joke and a waste of taxpayers money. These politician types are all the same. They look for a cause that will gain the most publicity for themselves, with little regard to if there is an actual need. I wonder how many crack addicts or homeless die in New York each day.