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New York Needles?


Has anyone in NY had any trouble obtaining syringes recently? My research supply company has just informed me that they can no longer ship more than 10 syringes with needles or needles alone to New York! I would think that my solution to that would be to find a New York vendor of syringes or perhaps a vendor with less concern for the law!
Well, my internet search continues............. Feel free to PM me, my New York Brethren......................


I just placed an order for a box of needles/syringes for my HRT from a New York company and they called to say I needed a script. Fortunately my doctor wrote one the next day. Shopping in NY sucks I guess...


Go to walgreens and get some needles, I live in ny and thats where i get mine


TSC or go to some pet supply stores that sell do it yourself shots for them.


Im in NY, and just placed my second order in a month. And im talking hundreds of needles and syringes. There are tons of online places to get them .


I bet the penalty for purchasing or possessing needles without a prescription is pretty hefty. I don't know for sure, but I do know AAS are Schedule II in NY, as per state law. It seems like a package of needles wouldn't seem too hard to send in the mail domestically, but ya never know with a city that big. They probably x-ray everything that comes through the door, and a bag of syringes/needles would be a huge giveaway. I can't really help outside of trying to get them locally. Maybe drive to Canada to get them?


Shit, they give them to the junkies for free in NY, along with condoms.


why order them online when u can go to walgreens and get them real cheap, they wont even say a word about it, thats where i always go


There so cheap, so why not buy them online in bulk, instead of going into wallgreens ?? they arent gonna give you enough for a cycle. Are you from NY cause every state is different.


In NY the new law in effect is 10 syringes. This law is nonsense, but ok. I goto my pharmacy, sometimes i get 10, sometimes if its a chic or some young kid, i get what ever i want.


also the law i dont believe effects buying needles themselves. get 100


Walgreens sells 1.5" 25 ga pins?


I get 22 gauge 1.5 inch needles from walgreens


Bill Clinton, 1997, clean needle act. As jb99 said, you can legally purchase them from ANY pharmacy. In fact, I don't think they can turn you down for any reason.

I have never had a problem ordering online, I use Getpinz, they kick ass...


veterinary products are considered in these rules

btw most of the veterinary sites stock human use products