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New York Mets


How many other Met fans do we have out there in T-Land?

I know every fan says it when their team is doing good in the regular season, but I think this may be their year.

The only other two teams with higher win percentages are in the AL (Tigers and White Sox).

And with 4 Mets leading NL All-Star Balloting in their positions...

Oooooooh baby, I think the days of being considered the scrawny other-child of NY baseball are coming to an end.




Don't feel strongly about the Mets one way or the other, but big David Wright fan, especially since he's carrying one of my fantasy teams. My favorite non-Sox player hands down.


Yankees fan here, but I follow the Mets too. They won't win the championship this year unless they improve on their pitching


Huge Mets fan. I bleed the blue and oragne and have for years.

I grew up in the Binghamton, NY area and I can remember catching the games on the radio WENE 1430 with Ralph Kiner, the World Series win of 86, the fact we should have been a winner from 85-88, the heartbreak of Lenny "Nails" Dystra trade for Juan "the best player in the NL" Samuel, the AA team coming to town in 92, the eastern league championship, the Vince Colmen trade gone wrong, the year that should have been in '00 losing 4 1 run games in the series...

I could go on, but there is finally some excitement with NY "other" team. There is a new prince of NY sports also and his name is DAVID WRIGHT. Go METS!!! Another plus of the season is the train wreck that is the Atlanta Braves, HAHAHAHA(cue the evil sinster laugh...) It couldnt be much better for a life long Mets fan, no sir.


Huge Mets fan since '86. Hey I was 7 at the time and they were doing great that season, so I jumped on board, sue me. I grew up in Upstate New York so I can remember when McCarver was the color analyst for the Mets on TV and of course, so was Ralph Kiner, who also had his own post-game show, "Kiner's Korner."

I'm the outcast in my family, as everyone else loves the Yankees.

The Mets are looking really good this year and I think they have what it takes to win the World Series. Only thing is that Wagner sometimes scares me (like the other night against the Reds). He can get the first two outs no problem but it seems like that third and final out he struggles with.

Their lineup is outstanding, though, and I can't believe how good David Wright is for only being 23.


Ya David Wrights on a tear right now. I'm so glad I swooped up his auto RC. It's going to skyrocket in the years to come.


Eat my ass, Met Hater.