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New York Men's Pro IFBB


Let's talk about it! A figure competitor friend of mine gets trained by Fakhri Mubarak, and he's looking great so far.

Whaddya guys think?




Ruhl is in it, Centopani is in and probably will win it, it's going to be a good show.


Evan, Tarek, Silvio, Dennis James, Ruhl. Thats my top 5 (not in order) . I wanna see Evan win.


I'm betting on Evan



Evan looks like two different people completely, from off season to contest ready, he's huge and now that his wheels match those wide shoulders he should do well.

Sidebar: Stu i saw your lab rat feature in some rag at the grocery mart, told my girl, "It's my friend Stu!" She asked, "you train w/ him at your gym?"

I had to explain that i don't actually know you, long story, anyways she thinks i need to meet more "real" friends, oh well.






He will win :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol, The publisher of that mag met me at a seminar last fall, and was one of the people who pushed me into actually dieting down for a show. When he contacted me via email earlier this year, asking if I had made use of the free supps I had been given, I mentioned that I had only tried one of them, as part of trying to bring my weight down a bit and see if I was going to go full bore into a prep.

He then asked me write a 'little something' about what I thought. I certainly didn't expect it to be turned into a full page "article" (let alone to have him add things to what I wrote.... the last line for instance?! how much of a whore do I sound like -lol). Still, it's funny, as my training partner and I laugh about how we thought I was in pretty good condition in the photo they ran (this was before my actual contest prep started!)

It's funny though, you do start to think of people that you "know" on here in that sort of regard. Of course with some T-Folk having the 'odd' avatars (not pics of themselves), if you met them, you wouldn't know who they were anyway.



I think this is evan's show to win or lose. Not to take anything away from the other guys but structurally I think he is better than the rest of the line up and carries a lot of mass as well. He has really brought his legs up.


Hey 300 can you PM me the links of Evan's offseason diet, the mods killed it for some reason.




judging by ruhl's pics from his latest guest posing I'd be surprised if he didn't make top 5


Does anyone have recent pics of Evan? As in 1-2 weeks old?


I think he's going to get all Dorian Yates on their asses. Couple vids of him that I've seen he's all covered up wearing his hoody. Someday I will fill out a XXL. Just about got the XL down.


Ruhl interview:

R U H L!!!


R U H L!! Sounds like the big man hasn't given up on the smokies. Beats me how he does it. I finally kicked the on & off relationship I had with Shermans a while ago and I've never been better. He has to have a top 5 placement. His wife looks, IMO, good in her off-season shape. I still get hard thinking about Britt Miller in the off-season though. Different strokes for different folks bastards.


Pity this is last one, ye New Yorkers really must make him feel special to do this lol.

Shame his wifes triceps are nearly bigger than his :stuck_out_tongue:


Ruhl is awesome, thanks for posting that interview. I like the workout videos of him and his wife. What an awesome relationship lol


FUCK look at this guys Calfs they are Fucken HUGE! Its around 2:20 in the video i want calfs like that unreal.