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New York Gay Wedding Lottery




How about reparations for gays?


I'm not sure what this says, but my first thought was that it'd be more economically efficient if they auctioned instead of lotteried the ability to get married that day.

I'm sure New York could use the money.


No doubt there will be a surge to fill the suppressed demand, then things will level out with time. I'm happy for them.


Don't something like 95% of gay couples break up? (I think Zeb posted that.) Why even bother?

Most gays, from what I read, go gay because they want to be irresponsible, crazy, uninhibited, not tied down with kids and so forth. They just want a lot of anonymous sex.

Why are they passing these dumb laws then? Just to piss off heteros would be my bet. Most have no interest whatsoever in monogamy or a normal life.


Nah, most men go gay because everyone knows women are most attracted to gay men.


C'mon be more honest and genuine about the truth. There will be a surge, then things will level out with time to a marriage rate far lower than heterosexual couples.


Since there will be so few gay couples actually marrying, guess we don't need to worry any more about it destroying heterosexual marriage.



Since polyamorous marriages are so rare, you're in favor of them as well? All those people have an inherent right to marry and they're not hurting anybody, right?

And since so few homosexuals will actually be contributing to society at large through family social structures, we're probably be safe treating gay marriage as marriage, right? I mean, we already have legislation defining how heterosexuals divorce and transfer children and property within and through multiple families and marriages, surely we don't have to waste taxpayer dollars and tie up courts to rehash the details for such a small portion of the population, right?

You have the foresight of a four-year-old.


Who is advocating treating gay marriage as anything other than marriage?


Must see TV...


I'd bet large sums of money that if you took a poll (How about held a vote on a proposition?), more people than are actually getting "gay married". Even our illustrious President has gone on the record as advocating a State like TX taking any stance it wants on gay marriage and a state like CA taking the diametric opposite.

Wait. Did I just post a bona fide example of a gay marriage actually preventing a heterosexual marriage? I especially liked the wholly rational, not-at-all whimsical, and entirely constitutional law based discussion;

â??Couldnâ??t you just marry the fellow and stay the hell out of Vermont?â?? asked a renowned scholar who had once advised my senior essay on hysteria.

That was trickier. Todd and I agreed we could not pretend my union had never happened and get married. First of all, it would be false. I had made lifelong vows before a community, a state and some version of God. I had broken them. The process to address this is divorce (or, in civil unions, legal dissolution), not graffiti-ing one marriage over another.

It makes me well up with pride to think that soldiers stood shoeless and starving in the snow at Valley Forge for this. I only hope that a little girl in Iraq can be inspired by this story and, thanks to the recently installed democracy, grow up to be confused about her sexuality and expectant of the state to make it more comfortable for her in every permutation of her multiple choices (Except multiple choices simultaneously, of course).


Maybe the little girl in Iraq can move to California, where the schools are now required to include proper coverage of gay history in their curriculum :wink:


He was a fan of the theater.


Yeah, when you don't have the money to pay teachers to teach hard things like facts, you're forced to go with speculation and meaningless trivia. Besides, if your budget and infrastructure are piss poor and you executive and judicial systems are crumbling around you, what's the point in teaching boring and useful subjects like math and science when you could be spicing up social studies? I mean why learn about how Alexander the Great influenced history when you could speculate that he might have been bisexual? The most important thing I learned about WWII was that Hitler got off on urination. They should really teach that.


Yeah I heard them Iraqi chicks put out.


Were homosexuals uprooted from their motherland, sold into slavery and then systematically oppressed for 400 years? The answer is no. J Edgar Hoover, who put the hit on MLK was a closeted homosexual. Closeted white homosexuals like Hoover, can appear indistinguishable from white heterosexuals. Black folks could never be "in the closet" from white racists.


What else that's a joke, is that it's to the point where a black guy like me apparently cannot even use a term that rhymes with maggot that begins with an f on a fucking muscle board. Especially since in hip hop culture it just refers to weak or limp-wristed men. Give me a break comparing blacks to gays. You are born black and pretty much choose to act on your sexual impulses.


You better stop it, you're making way too much sense for the homosexuals who frequent this site. The name calling could begin at any time.


In all fairness, the use of the term f@ggot is metonymy, or allowing a symbol to stand in for an actual person, place or thing. In this instance, you're using the implication that homosexuals are weak, and then referring to the person as a homosexual in order to force that implication. The insult would be subtly different had you used the term 'pussy', or 'child', both of which would have similarly emphasized weakness.

Its disingenuous to use the word 'faggot' when you mean 'weakling'. Gay dudes work out.