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New York City

I need help from the Nation. If anyone resides in or is familiar with New York City, I’d love any input.

For Valentine’s Day, I gave my girlfriend (big-time artistic type) tickets to the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. We are flying in on March 17 and departing on March 20. I also figured we’d go to the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and naturally, since this is for her, shopping. All pretty standard stuff. I was wanting to know if there are some must-see places to go that I may be overlooking. Museums? Restaurants? Clubs? We have two full days plus two half-days, so there should be plenty of time to fill.

Also, we’re staying at the Millenium Hilton in Lower Manhattan, adjacent to Ground Zero.

One final note for the staff: It would be beautiful if it would be possible to order a couple of boxes of Grow! Bars prior to my departure!


i took this girl to the wax museum, madame something, i dont remember, but its right in times square( u can easily do a google search and find it). but anyway, it was pretty sweet. pretty amazing shit, like lots of atheletes, movie stars etc that look real life like. Its kinda pricey, i think like 50 a person, but if u got the money its worth it…prob take a good hour or two to see everything in there…if ur interested i can give u more info…hope this helps


If your girlfriend likes art you should definitely check out some of the commercial galleries that are located in the far west area of the Chelsea neighborhood.
If you give me more of an idea of what you’re looking for specifically in the way of restaurants I can help more. For high-end dining my favorite place is The Tasting Room at 1st ave. and 1st street-- a tiny storefront with great food. But there’s good food of every kind and for any cost. PM me if you want.

Madame Tuesadd’s (?) Wax Museum is on 42nd. St. it really is a fun place. It is expensive but worth it.

For shopping, from out of town, Times Square is a lot of fun. Cool atmosphere if you don’t live in the city. It is adjacent to the fabric area of the city and close to the Jewelry and Diamond districts.

I would check out Ground Zero. It is a must see. (lest we forget) It is extremely moving. I live about 3 blocks from it, near the Hudson.

When you see the Statue I would suggest a circle line boat tour around the city. The narrator will give you an excellent history of the city. Drop you off at the statue then take you back.

Food and restuarants…you have an overabundance of choices. The food is expensive but in most cases very well worth the price. For Steak’s I like Ben Benson’s in midtown.

Suggestion. Unless you have business don’t stay in lower Manhattan. I’d stay around Times Square or up by the park. Cheaper cab rides and you can walk around easier.

It all depends on your taste…
What kind of museums, restaurants and clubs do you like?
Give us an idea of your interests/tastes and we’ll have an easier time answering your question.

Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone. I’ll provide our primary interests, as requested.

*Food: Sushi, Asian-fusion, new-American
-I heard Nobu was decent but really overpriced/overrated. I have no problem with hole-in-the-wall places; those are usually where the best food is, at least in Nashville.

*Arts: Visual arts, non-musical theater
-I know musical theater rules all in NYC, but I just don’t like it. I’ve already got tickets to MOMA.

*Bars: Wine
-I heard good things about Divine Bar and Louis. We don’t like raucous clubs. I would much rather go somewhere that I can get a good bottle and chill out.

Thanks again for the help, especially BostonBarrier that has helped me out a lot via PM!


Hello, I don’t mean tio detract from the original Q/post but T-nation admin suggested I post here.

I am coming over to New York City from the UK for a business trip in a couple of weeks and was wondering if anyone could recommend any good gyms (would love to train at a Golds/World/Powerhouse), supplement, book/video shops - that sell strength/bodybuilding books/videos.

I imagine I’d be in for a treat compared to what we have available over here!