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New York City gyms


Sorry if this post doesn’t belong here, but I am getting desperate. I am in need of a serious gym in NYC, preferably one on in midtown on the east side. All of the mainstream NYC gyms are no good for serious lifting and I am going crazy. Surely someone must know of some good serious lifting gyms in NYC.

Any help would be appreciated.

i’m told the Midtown Gym around Times Square area is a good place with a good selection of equipment. if you want something dungeon-style i can’t help ya. i know there’s one on the Lower East Side but i’ve no idea where it’s located exactly.

i think i’m going to try out that 24/7 in the union square area. if you guys know of something better let me know.

What do you mean by ‘serious gym’? If you are looking for westside style place with chains and chalk you might be out of luck in Manhattan. Oly lifting is also tough. But it seems that most of the places have plenty of free weights.

I’m personally happy with a squat rack and some heavy dumbells, so my main considerations are low price and close to my house.

I just joined Synergy on 34th + Park, which is not hardcore, but has the stuff I need and is relatively cheap for NYC.