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New York Barbell

Anyone have any experience with this company? I am buying a power rack for my home gym and they have a great price on their basic unit. But it’s difficult to assess their quality online. If anyone has any comments I would appreciate them!

They’re good.

I’ve ordered stuff from them and they are pretty good. They shipped a 180 lbs box FedEx to me for free! I swore it was going to be freight and the FedEx guy comes walking up all bent out of shape because he had to lift something heavy for once. It was FedEx ground not air but still, dam good service.

Thanks for the replies. I ordered quite a bit from their company because due 10% to convenience and 90% to the wife’s bitching I have decided to put in a home gym. I ordered a power rack with chin-up and dip attachments, an olympic bar and a ez-curl bar from New York Barbell. And the shipping is free! I also picked up the power blocks (5-125 lbs.). I plan on buying approximately 500 lbs. of Troy plates (I’m strong but not that strong) and I have an eliptical trainer already. Besides some rubber flooring so I don’t jack up my garage floor, is their anything else a powerlifter-in-training shouldn’t be without?

I ordered about 4500 dollars worth of stuff from them. The service is good, but the product quality is just okay. It is not bulletproof but it does the job. Definitely pick up some of their mats, I got 5 of their mats and they are probably the best thing I got from them. I got the thickest ones they had; I forget the thickness. Their barbells take some getting used to as they are really thick for some reason.