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New York Barbell & Assembly

As some of you may have read in a previous post of mine.  I'm currently in the position of looking for a new home.  One of the things I'm looking for in a new home is a big enough unfinished basement, where I cab build my own gym.

The prices over @ newyorkbarbells.com are great! But has anyone here ordered from them? How'd it go?

Also how difficult do you think it is to put that stuff together? power rack with attachments, bench, lat pull / row machine. And how long to put the stuff together? couple hours, days, weekend?

They also advertise free shipping. What is the differance between shipping charges and freight charges?

Thanks guys


I've ordered a rack, a bench and a box squat box from them so far, and it was GREAT. The rack I ordered was $299 with free shipping (just your basic model) and the box cost around $120, with freight. I wouldn't bother buying plates unless you're buying in bulk, though.

Took me about an hour and a half with the rack, five minutes with the box. 10-15 minutes with the bench. Very solid construction and easy as hell to put together. If you have a basic ratchet/wrench set, you're good to go.

They have free shipping on quite a few items (mostly racks and benches). If you're ordering something like heavy dumbbells, kettlebells or lots of plates, you're going to be paying a good bit of shipping. I get my plates from a cheap place close to home and order bars and other equipment from ny.

Great site, fast shipping and a large selection. And it's quality equipment. They may not have all the bells and whistles of some of the stuff from elitefts or ironmind, but they have the distinct advantage of not bankrupting you.


I've ordered from them several times. Bench, power rack, weight tree. No problems with assembly or shipping time, usually arrives in about 1 week for me in PA. No complaints with construction, welds seems solid, and the assembly time by myself on the rack was 1.5 hours with unwrapping and wrapping the remaining boxes for the trash, etc.

I've also ordered their power olymbic dumbells, which are pretty good as well. These were the biggest delay in shipping by 4 months due to back-order and customs from China. The feet on the bench are not pefectly perpendicular, but it's a minor point. The rack's construction is square with no defects.

I agree about the weights, order in bulk. I'm lucky since York Barbell is about 10 minutes from my house so I get slightly cheaper prices with their factory store.



I bought a cage from NYBB with no problems. I think they are a class act. You are right about their reasonable pricing.


I just got a power rack (C-8515-W), crossover (C-2610-OS-W), Dip attatchment (C-9259-2.5-B), and 2 extra sets of plate holders (C-1010-2.5-B) for $906.90 delivered on Tuesday. Set up was pretty easy, I did it all on Tuesday night, took me about 4 hours total with breaks for feading (myself and daughter) and spending time with my daughter before bed time.

I ordered on Friday night, so delivery took 7 business days (I live in Colorado), since they ship freight I thought that was very reasonable.

I will say they did forget to ship my dip attatchment, so I e-mailed them right after I got the delivery and I got FedEx confirmation that it shipped yesterday. That's some solid customer service, no questioning or excuses, just fixed the problem quickly.


I'm curious about the lat/row cable machines.
I wonder how difficul those are to put together?