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New Years

Hope you all have a happy and healthy new years. Mine is about to start off great, in a few hours I will have 400mg and one packet of androgel running through me.aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, cant wait. Is grey goose and cyp a good mix? lol

Add some crystal meth for good measure.

nah, crystal meth can be save for my dieting phase. lol or death phase.

400mg of cyp and androgel? Anything else in your cycle? What are your goals for that?

how about this…instead of happy new year, we say happy new gear!!!

cool or gay?

Pdog, thats cool.

HHH, yeah, I have dbol and tren in the mix. 50mgdbol/ed, 100mg tren/ed. The androgel was free, so I figured I would use before a few workouts, only have ten packets. Oh, and the 400mg cyp was one day, today is another 400, and tomorrow and the next day. from there I will stay at a gram a week.