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New Years Resolutions


I know it's early, and a lot of guys will say resolutions are for pussies, that you can make change happen any time if you so wanted. I'd certainly agree, but or some people it works, so whatever. I'm curious if anyone has started thinking about it yet. At least has the idea of New Years and resolutions got you to thinking about what you can do to better your life, even if you'd do it now instead of waiting another six weeks?

I know a lot of people use New Years resolutions as an excuse to binge and be lazy from Thanksgiving through New Years, though they never actually get on the wagon. They do this a couple years in a row and they end up fat and lazy. Has anyone fallen into this trap but feels that this year will be different?

Any thoughts on your personal resolutions, your thoughts on resolutions in general, thoughts on effective means of changing your life regardless of time of the year, etc. would be great for discussion.


I'll admit that I'm not one for New Year's resolutions, as I think one can change something right now if they really wanted. However I think it's nice to have that "new year, new start" kind of mentality. I used to make changes in workouts, nutrition, lifestyle, etc. at the beginning of the month, say in the middle of the year. I'd have a goal such as "cut back on junk food" or whatever, and I'd spend the rest of the current month thinking about how I would change my lifestyle to accomplish the goal, and once the new month rolled around I would spend the entire month doing the goal, such as "zero sweets."

Once the month passed I would include sweets again, but the four weeks or so of strict discipline would help me break the habit of overindulging. I would never go forever without sweets, or even a year, but a month was enough time to set a realistic goal and have a sense of accomplishment, while also allowing proper time for me to break the habit. After the month I would include sweets in moderate, though it would be much better than having constant cravings or overindulging like I used to.

This is the same idea the Velocity Diet uses to change nutritional habits. I've used this same monthly method of lifestyle change for things such as backing off regular workouts and including a ton of rehab/functional work to my training in order to kick off better workout balance. I've used it to get used to getting up earlier, or say get everywhere ten minutes early than required so after the month (when I wouldn't have to arrive THAT early) I would be used to planning my time more efficiently. It's good for pretty much anything.


Last new years I vowed to incorporate tomatoes, onions and mushrooms into my life. I used to gag and hate all 3 of those fucking foods.

I couldn't live without them now. Make the changes in your life fun, and you're more likely to stick with them.



ok my post didnt take the first time..

Last rears resolution was to get in shape and enjoy it. Well I got a sepertated shoulder instead. That set me back a few months resulting in gaining alot of fat and loosing the little bit of muscle and strength I had.

So this years reslution is the same. Get in shape and start living. I want to travel and experiance life. Nothing is going to stop me this time.


My resolution is to save enough cash so I can celebrate New Year's Eve 2008 in Japan.