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New Years resolutions

My new years res is ganna be to start gaining weight next year. I’m looking for 10 to 15 lbs of lean muscle mass and looked ripped for the beach. What’s everyone elses?

Getting under 12% for the first time ever. Can’t wait to see the “after” picture!!!


Getting under 10% again…lol

Getting my lifts up to 250-150-250(Kg)whitout getting over 12% BF.

I never have any. If I want to change something I start as soon as I can. If you can put it off until Jan. 1 or whatever you can procrastinate forever.

SteelyEyes has a good point, but New Years made me think of it, so I’ve started this month:
+Weaning myself off bars and processed food in favor of more “real” food (except that I’m going to try to use Low-carb Grow more regularly).
+Increasing my protein intake to recommended levels.

Eh… I hate goals, because if I reach them, I get lazy.

If I have no goals, I keep trucking and simply get better and better.

Plus I hate New Years resolutions for the huge amount of people dominating my gym with ankle rotations in the squat rack cries

I tend to agree with steely. But my long term goals are to finish up my junior year. Get some sort of training cert. (not sure which yet). Increase my endurance/grip. Weigh in at 230 with 7-8% bodyfat by summer with more vascularity than ever( I’m at 215-220 with 10-12% bdyft now).

My goal is to bring my golf handicap down to 0 or a negative. Its currently a +6.

I quit smoking last new years. Haven’t had one since. It was definetly the best thing I’ve ever done. This years resolution is to lose 15 lbs and keep my strength levels the same or higher.

Kevin - congratulations. That is a difficult thing to do.

There’s nothing wrong with New Year’s resolutions. We should all have short, mid, and long term training goals, but it’s fun to see where those align with the calendar year.

If you don’t set short, mid and long term goals you wonder blindly through your workouts or sport feeling like you never accomplished anything. If you set your long term goal as high as you can physically attain then there would be no chance for you to get lazy. You’ll be busting your ass trying to get there. If you don’t set short or mid term goals you’ll become frustrated because you’ll be constantly chasing the long term goal. You can only attain the long term goal once where as you can give your confidence constant boosts here and there when you reach the short and mid term goals. The more confidence you have the easier it will be attain your ultimate goal.

The mind plays an HUGE part in sports and working out. Its powerful, might as well use it to your advantage rather than letting it sit like a piece of hot cow shit on your shoulders.

I have one long term goal: 250 lbs at 4% bodyfat with a 2000lb power total and until then i bust my ass day in and day out

I guess I never make New Year’s resolutions. I’ll be cutting come Jan 1st. Why wait until the new year? Cuz of the big parties that go on Dec 31st!

I have virtually the same long term goals as you. The only difference is that I want to be 260 lbs @6-8%. Damn, now I’m all excited up!

actually the first long-term goal i ever set for myself was to get big and strong enough to pick fights with wild animals (bears, gorillas, zebras etc) and win.

not a new resolution, rather a continutaion of my goal,

195lbs - 6-8% BF