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New Years Resolutions


This year I will not get caught up in one argument anywhere online :slightly_smiling:

There are others as well, but I believe pictures are worth more than words.

Your's Truly


I hate resolutions, you either do something or you don't ya know? If you wanted something badly or to change something, you wouldn't wait til New Years to do it. You're not allowed to argue against my point now btw :slight_smile:


I'm sure you do great with your goals all year 'round :slightly_smiling:


My resolution last year was to make the gym a habit again. I'm still going to the gym but not feeling like it's a habit yet.

I think my fitness one this year will be cardio related, maybe run a 10 min mile. Not even sure if that's possible for a non runner. lol Or maybe make running a habit again. Hmmm

Good luck with the no arguing Oleena. Do you think you can do it?


Become the most popular indy wrestler in america.




Oh....look, a fan.

want some merchandise? Autograph? I do parties too.


This is nice to read. Here's to a good year!


Lol, not recently...been eating and drinking way too much, but having fun at least.


I'm going to stop putting small animals in blenders set to 'mix'.

Also, start flossing regularly.


Ha ha.
Tomorrow I'll be trying one of them out.


What do you do to the parties? 0_0


Whatever the money says do....


Even freeze tag?



I've decided to make a new resolution every month.

For the month of January no cheese. I admit I am a cheese addict.

I haven't decided on what to do for the other months, but I'm thinking that for July or August (whenever all the berries are really in season) it will be to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables at least 6 days a week.


No cheese? 0_0

But why?

I will always eat cheese.



Only one month! I love cheese, and it always leads to my downfall when dieting. I will not let cheesy goodness control me!


Especially freeze tag


You're my favourite vampire.



That's more than attainable, depending on the temperature in BC and if you run in/outdoors, I'm sure you could do this by spring.
Unless you're missing a leg or something. Terry Fox Run FTMFW!!!