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New Years Resolutions, Got Any?


I actually dread drinking, but do a fair amount of it because I do a lot of business trips and business meals. There is zero way out of drinking in a lot of countries (looking at you Japan, and, well, basically all of Asia).

When home, I don’t drink Sunday-Thursday. Friday night is Shabbos, so wine is just a part of that. Plus it is the night my wife talks incessantly, in repeating, stream-of-consciousness, loops. So I drink to avoid homicide.


Be a better husband
Be a better friend
Be a better son
Stop biting my nails
Be the strongest guy at my gym


Just keep moving forward.


When at social events, I’ll opt for a wine or a beer that isn’t easy to drink. I like to nurse my drinks while in public to keep my wits and not make a fool of myself. I’m not a sloppy drunk, but I like being in complete control of myself and aware of my environment.

When at home, it’s a glass of neat whisk(e)y. I can put back half a fifth without even blinking and wake up completely normal. If I have more than three beers, I can feel it the next day.

My goal is to abstain from it socially unless I am with boring company. In that case I will only consume enough to make the conversation tolerable while being in control. At home, I’d like to be able to have just one. I can go months without drinking whiskey, but when I have one, it’s rarely just one.


This is just my input on the drinking topic that’s been brought up.

Never gotten drunk before. (I’m 19.) Taken sips of wine, beer, and whiskey when at restaurants or something with family (thanks, cool uncles), and hated wine and beer. Whiskey was actually pretty good though, haha.

Grew up with an alcoholic father, and the vast majority of the adults and people I’m closest to in life, as well as those who I hang out with, are alcoholics and/or drug addicts, so I’ve seen the “dark side” of those things or whatever you want to call it.

I totally understand that many, many people can drink and not suffer any negative consequences, but I just don’t want to risk it. With being (half) Native American, and having bad addiction issues on both sides of the family, it’s just not something I care to risk.

Plus, I don’t really like the idea of not being in control of myself. I’ve gotten high from marijuana before, but while you feel a little “funky,” I’ve never seen someone smoke a joint act as different as someone who gets drunk possibly could. Obviously you can drink a beer or two and not have it affect you, but when you get drunk, you can black out, get angry, aggressive, violent, depressed, etc. and hurt yourself or others. I personally don’t see that ever happen with marijuana. (I don’t support the use of any other drugs, and would never try anything else, with the exception of maybe some careful usage of a few hallucinogens with some prep and sober supervision. For more “spiritual” reasons I guess.)

Anyway, I just haven’t ever tried it, and I know I’m not going to try it.


I know a guy who drank for about 20 years. Teens to mid 30’s. Has a very succesful career, happy marriage, never got in legal trouble or a DUI, never had it affect really anything in life negatively. He gave up drinking 2 years ago, and has been sober since. After doing something for 20 years and never seeing noticeable negative effects on him, he says he feels awesome. Better than ever. More energy, happier (never had an issue with depression), more positive. He encouraged my aunt to give it up for 30 days, just to see how she felt.

@Chris_Colucci , @ouroboro_s , you guys had different experiences, but just remembered that he told me that (a few months ago). Said he’s very glad he did it.

No judgement to you if you do drink, and not trying to brag about my abstinence from it, just my two cents!