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New Years Resolutions, Got Any?


-Make seeking God through his word and prayer a priority.
-Not drink liquor.
-Get skinny.
-Bless anyone I’m able to with my words and actions.
-Be kind
Happy New Year!


Probably a continuation on personal growth from the previous year

-treat people with compassion and acceptance

-treat people who you have no need for the same way youd treat someone who you have a need for

-go to sleep having accomplished something

-be grateful


Eat more
Quit chewing tobacco
Take my pup out to explore the great outdoors as much as I can.


Quit drinking.
Spend more time out in nature
Train my Airedale to track.


To stop engaging internet trolls.


No more tobacco. That particular avenue of pleasure needs to be closed off once and for all.

Also vaguely considering quitting binge drinking. The hard thing about that is that a couple of drinks becomes a binge without you even realising sometimes. Makes it very hard to quit binge drinking without just quitting drinking. I just dunno if I can live without it.


I am Right there with you.


I have to make a conscious decision to not continue drinking when I decide to have 1 or 2 drinks every single time. It’s been about 16 months since I decided to quit binge drinking. It’s gotten easier, but definitely took effort.


its 1600 here at work already thinking about that whiskey.


So in the last 16 months you’ve had a couple of drinks but not gotten smashed at any point?


Nah I’ve allowed myself to imbibe like the old days probably 5 or 6 times in that period. Always for a special occasion like a wedding or something similar. In that sense it’s not truly quitting, but more like dialing it waaay the hell back.


Me too. I’m definitely not an alcoholic and I don’t drink to excess often at all. Most drinking for me is one or two glasses of wine at dinner or a couple of beers after working on the house. That’s fine. It’s when I’m in a party situation, which for me generally means a small group of friends at one of our houses with decent appetizers. I’m, like, a grownup. But everything gets warm and lamplit and laughter-filled, and I just drink too much. Then I have a wasted, hungover day the following day and anxiety over having been drunk and potentially obnoxious. Feedback is that I’m fun (I’m a cheery drinker) but I think I’m too much…myself. :-/

I hate to think of giving it up altogether, but I’m not sure how else to manage it.


My wife and I were talking about this the other day. What is an alcoholic? I’d argue that most drinkers (myself included) are to some extent. Ask your this… does the thought of quitting drinking altogether bring you an unreasonable negative reaction. If so then whether or not you drink to excess regularly, alcohol has control over your decision making. To me that’s an addiction.


I agree 100% to this.

I plan my High Volume day on Saturday so I wont drink Friday.


The drinking part of this thread is of particular interest to me and to see others takes on it.

I’m not much of a social drinker and rarely have more than one or two in public or family gatherings as I like to be in control and not say anything foolish. I could have wine and/or beer in the house for months and not drink much of it because I consider both of them, for the most part, social drinks to have with others.

My vice is whiskey which I only drink at home. I purely love it and the way it makes me feel. I usually only drink Friday and Saturday night while I watch TV. However, I regularly drink too much of it but am rarely hung over. I’m more likely to wake up Sunday and try to remember what I ate the night before. It makes me eat like a vacuum cleaner. I’m not sure whether it’s the booze itself that’s the problem or the resulting eating.

As for new years resolutions, I’ve cut booze out until my weight drops back to where I want it.


No, I don’t think so. I feel about it as I might in deciding whether to give up simple carbs altogether. Am I better off with or without? I’m not obese or glucose intolerant, so there’s nothing compelling me to quit, but I feel out of control when I binge on salty snacks after a stressful day. Yet I enjoy chips and pretzels and such, and mostly manage them in moderation. Is cutting carbs completely an appropriate reaction or an over-reaction? I’m doing the same cost/benefit analysis with alcohol. Is it worth it to cut it completely in order to prevent the occasional over-use? If it’s possible to do the dial-back that @mr.v3lv3t describes, that would solve my entire problem. I don’t have any problem with my drinking aside from that I slide too quickly down the hill occasionally. Otherwise I enjoy it in moderation. Always enjoying it in moderation would be my ideal outcome. I’m not sure that’s realistic, however.

I wonder if this would be worth its own thread? Because I’d sure be interested in others’ experience in cutting down on accidental binge drinking and making limited intake a consistent thing.


Probably would, even if only for a “let’s all give this a shot”-accountability thing. FWIW, on a whim I did sober October last year - zero alcohol for the month of October. Just cut it out cold turkey (Wild Turkey, too. Badumbum.)

Didn’t have any cravings, either at home relaxing or at social events, but also pretty much went right back to regular consumption (a double bourbon or generous glass of wine most days of the week) probably within a week of it being over.

The 3 bottles of bourbon and 2 bottles of Scotch I just got for Christmas aren’t going to help anything either. My old standby of just not drinking on days I lift seems to regulate things pretty well, at least whenever I decide to implement it again.


As far as resolutions in general, I haven’t thought about them in quite a while, so no, other than definitely, positively taking my girl to Italy this year instead of just talking about it like we’ve always done.


No alcohol, no pork
Squat 500, Bench 335, Deadlift 550 - all long shot but will probably hit the squat goal
Just started investing in the stock market, and hope to get more comfortable this year.


I did this last January. It was mostly to see whether I’d feel more energetic and healthy. Nope. I just felt the same; not bad just not better. I stick to straight whiskey so that may be part of why I rarely suffer hangovers.