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New Year's Resolutions And Goals


Just wondering what everyone else is planning to work on or improve in the coming year. Personally, I'm going to:

-Train weaknesses more (hamstrings, calves, abs, biceps, traps)
-Squat 1-2" below parallel on every rep
-Take 531 deload seriously with Neural Charge Workouts and massive amounts of eating
-Experiment more with pulling/pushing heavier (100-130% of max) weight on top-half movements BEFORE the main-lift worksets on week 3 to jump-start the CNS (531 related)
-50-100 Band-Pull Aparts every day (superset with below)
-45 Scapular Push-Ups every day (superset with above)
-Sort out posture/pelvic tilt/internally rotated femurs
*** Debating on running the 4-week program in "Neanderthal No More Part 4"
*** Debating on doing DeFranco's Agile 8 3-4 days a week

Spend 3-5 hours studying each day.

Leave enough time to enjoy with the lady.

Goals for the main lifts 1 year from today:
Deadlift: 425 lbs for reps (3-5 clean)
Squat: 315 lbs for reps (3-5 clean)
Bench: 245 lbs for reps (3-5 clean)
OHP: 165 lbs for reps (3-5 clean)

Keep training hard, fellas, and stay healthy. And ladies, should they be reading this.


400 squat
300 bench


Let's see, by this time next year, I will have hoped to:

  • Get accepted into West Point
  • Make all conference on my football team
  • Bench 355
  • Squat 500
  • Deadlift 545
  • Get 5s on all of my AP tests
  • Visit Westside Barbell and the EFS compound.
  • Compete in my first powerlifting meet
  • Get laid.



Deadlift Edcoan + the bar - RAW


500 benchpress
600 squat
600 d/l
300 ohp

cut weight to 260 or less, learn to leave the soda and junk alone...(struggle)

learn to be more patient with stupid people...(somethings are said and not possible)


DL 405, Find a meet that I don't have to drive 5 hours for, pay off truck.


World record squat in the 165's and 181's (tested - no wraps - currently 550 and 601 respectively).
World record deadlift in the 165's (currently 672).
405 bench
Pay raise or new job that allows me to do the things I want to do.
Buy a house.
Better relationships with friends and family as well as a better relationship with the big man up high.
Various other personal goals.
Throw a knife into a bullseye at 30 feet.


635/365/675 gym or meet. Get up to 198, even if it's just for a day.


Good luck with your goals, people. I'm gonna have to keep up with some training logs now, lol.


Squat 4 plates
Bench 3 plates
Deadlift 5 plates

Deadlift will be easy, squat will probably be pretty hard and i'm not sure ill make the bench. 120kg would be good anyway. Get more cut, don't look that good at 205lb right now.

  1. Don't get ill.
  2. Bench 140kg
  3. Squat 200kg
  4. Deadlift 230kg
  5. Sub 1:20 500m row
  6. Eat More.
  7. Sleep More.
  8. Drink Less.
  9. One arm pull up
  10. Win the Lottery.


Squat 315 for 3+
Bench 215 for 3+
Deadlift 370 for 3+
OHP 155 for 3+
Power Clean 225 for 1
60 pushups
20 pullups
20 140m sprints in 20 minutes
26km ruckmarch w/ 80lbs in under 4 hours
10 dips w/90lbs
Close #2.5 CoC
BW 198 and lean at end of 2012

And save money, get into the trade I want to get into, eat healthier, be stronger.


Deadlift: 650
Bench: 405
Squat: 455 (my squat sucks)

Compete in a powerlifting competition... and compete in a bodybuilding competition.


Geared lifting goals are
650 SQ
430 BP
500+ DL
1500-1600 total

Also compete in my first raw meet(which will be Jan 28th), goals for it are
400-410 SQ
295-305 BP
460-470 DL


These are raw? Christ.


Lamar Gant's deadlift biomechanics are absurd.


Bench 225 for reps
Deadlift 405
Squat 315
Try out and make my college basketball team.
Ace all my spring semester courses.
Pretty much just get yoked!


Bench 425
Deadlift 600


-35" vertical
-455 squat
-500 deadlift
-275 bench
-30 pullups
-get rid of my scapular winging completely

all while staying below 165lbs


400+ Squat
300+ Bench
500+ Deadlift
1200+ Total
200+ Military Press