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New Years Resolution--EZ for me.

Squatted yesterday. I always “free squat” and make a point of going pretty low. Yesterday I put a 10 1\2 inch canning pot under my ass and squatted to it and found out I’ve been bullshitting myself-again. My res for the NY is to do all my squats to this level for the year. I think this will be as big a single boon for me as I can come up with.

Tinman… 10 1/2 canning pot… there’s a joke in there somewhere.

Is that parallel for you? What are your goals?

It’s tough judging where parallel is without someone else watching you but after a while you get the feel for it. Hopefully you were going low enough before where you didn’t need to take much weight off the bar.

How tall are you, how many repetitions do you do in a row and how many sets will you be doing?

Well my goals are bigger, stronger, leaner. I’m 43 yoa, 5’9’’, and weigh 185. I can bench 305, dead 395, and going to 10&1/2 inches I struggled with 285 for 1 on the squat. I think clearly the squat is my weak link and building it will restart my progress across the board. I think going to a predetermined depth will eliminate the cheat as I work my way back up and make the whole thing more productive. This is definitely below parallel.

I prefer to use a beer bottle.

10.5 inches is a loooong way down

when i full squat i go down til i’m physically unable to go any lower, like my knee doesn’t bend any further. and i still don’t think i could hit a 10.5 inch box/pot/beer bottle

I just get in the rack and do pansy quarter squats. I yell and scream a lot, and make sure to load the bar to at least 405. Everyone watches me, but I can’t figure out why my leg development is lacking.

Dan “10 1/2 Inch Can” McVicker