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New Years Resolutioins

2004: No More Cocaine (Joke)
2005: Keep Lifting Weights
2006: Get into College
2007: Squat Deeper, Eat More Fruits/Vegetables

What about you guys?

go a whole year without injuring myself

Finally Cut…Nahhhhhh

Get to 225 and be leaner than I am today. Sub resolution, do my freakin cardio haha.

Resolution 1: Keep Lifting, but with more determination and motivation then ever!

Resolution 2: Stop taking the piss out of fat people.

Resolution 3: Forget resolution 2, it was a moment of weakness!

Keep myself on the straight and narrow a bit more. Get a better job, a girl maybe… There are a lot of hopes for this year.

1 Squat 300

2 Save up some more money

3 Bench 225

4 gain some weight

1- make 85kg by my competition on the 12th
2- snatch 65/jerk 90
3- eat better next semester and lean out
4- save up a grand or so before spring break
5- 3.5GPA next semester
6- end the year around 80kg

1 - Deadlift 500+
2 - Eat more
3 - Train harder
4 - Well that’s between me & B-3
5 - Teach FightingScott how to spell resolutions :wink:

[quote]Renton wrote:

5 - Teach FightingScott how to spell resolutions ;-)[/quote]

I’m going to let it remain the same as a testament to my idiocy.

Innjury kept me from last years resolution so it is the same this year.

  1. Loose fat
  2. Gain Muscle
  3. Enjoy my life
  1. Buy my first home.

  2. Get my squat and DL numbers up to where they were two years ago.

  3. Sleep with better looking women.

2007: 126/155 in the OLifts, qualify for the British Champs

Keep weight down to a minimum and down to 85kg.


Quit dipping. Total 1000 on my big 3 lifts. I’ve got a variety of baseball goals. And finally, I want a 3.0 or higher next semester.

I’m moving this week, and my resolution is to make my ideal home gym at the new house so that even when pressed for time, I can train well. I have everything but at this old house, the equipment is scattered about because of limited space. Also, eat more vegetables and eat less rice. Run more and do a 1/2 marathon on a neighbor island. TRY to be more domestic.

  1. (most importantly) get lower back healed. This has plagued me for months on and off, mainly due to job work.
  2. I am unemployed, so find a job, one that will not interfer with my back or training. I have found the job, and am just waiting for an appication form. I actually posted about this job (club doorman) in ‘get a life’, for advice)
  3. Save up money, both for living, I’m at Uni, and for the beginning of my home gym (I’m estimating that I need £200 more equipment/weights, bench, dip/chin stand, squat rack), for which I will have whne I move into a real house in my second year. Although it is funny seeing others in the gym, I just want my own gym, my own ‘sanctuary’.
  4. Meet a nice girl. Or failing that (few times unfortunately), find a proper slut to play with.
  5. Lay off the drink. I may be barely legal to drink, but I have been told that I’m an alcoholic.
    6)Cycle more often.
  6. Go the the pub at least 10 times next year for a quiet drink with mates. Clubs at times are too much.
  7. Do much better than a pass on my course this year.
  1. Stop huffing gas and magic markers
  2. Memorize all the popes in order
  3. No more sex with clowns or midgets

[quote]malonetd wrote:

  1. Stop huffing gas and magic markers
  2. Memorize all the popes in order
  3. No more sex with clowns or midgets[/quote]

This was almost like my list,except #1 would hve been huffing farts and sniffing chair seats.

DL 500
finally lose the love handles
meet better looking women

Start going to the gym. Actually make it to February this year…