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New Year's Goals


Aright guys, its that time again. What are your goals for the new year? Short term, long term, whatever. I've heard putting it to paper (or keyboard) actually helps, do I figured this would be as great a place as any. I don't want to say resolutions cuz they all fizzle out by third week of January, as proved by the the spike and sudden drop in the gym along that time.

Guess I'll start. I don't want to restrict this to bodybuilder/lifting numbers only. Go nuts :slightly_smiling:

Short term (6 months or so):
Squat 315 for 5 reps (broken foot and sprained ankle really hindered progress) currently at 250x5
Pull 405 (damn you foot/ankle) current: 365 1RM
Bench 250 (weak I know, but gotta start somewhere) current: 220 1RM
shed some fat, increase my endurance, join an indoor flag football league, take up lacrosse

Long term (by December next year):
squat 350+ (don't know how much progress is possible, but I'll try for the most
pull 495 (seems like a huge jump to me, but I think I'm a better puller than squatter)
bench 285 (fingers crossed)
increase weight to 220-230 (currently at 193)
Win my Uni's Div 1 flag football league haha

Obviously nothing is set in stone, but this is what I want to get. Feel free to share your own (or critique mine, if you feel my goals are too ambitious or not enough).

Have a great new year!


I don't set goals for New Years, I think it's gay.


fuck Jaime Koeppe and bench 350lbs. The second one might be hard cuz I keep re-injuring the shoulder I fucked up in a mt biking accident last year.


I guess I titled the thread wrong. It should say "What do you want to accomplish in 2011"


I'm graduating and getting married.

And, causing max amount of suffering as possible.


Fornicate wenches,acquire currency.


You Pirate you.


so um... your fiancee is a satan worshiper?


Tame a honey badger and walk around with it like The Fucking Man.


Arent we all?


Avoid threads like this.


Always next year!



Bench 315x3, DL 455x1, Squat 405x1

Get more schooling accomplished. I need some advice here from the civilians in the Nation: Would accounting or nursing be more lucrative?

Keeping my kids happy and healthy.




Im biased I just transferred to a 4 year school for accounting :P, Cal State tho not a Uni so maybe im stupid. Ya scratch that don't listen to me lol.


Listen to more Primus.


Don't die.

Seriously just improve whatever you're passionate about and don't sweat the small stuff.

You'll live longer.


Accounting! I'm finishing up the second term of a 2 year masters program. Its a bitch to learn and study for but its fairly easy (less stressful then nursing I'm sure, and the money is great).


x2 If you really want it, you'll set the goal Dec 31st, or any other freakin day.


This thread reminds me that now that I joined a huge,franchised gym theres going to be a incredible amount of NYE Resolutionist flooding the floor. My old gym was small and you can tell who were there for a while and who were gonna be there for a month or 2 but man..this is going to be interesting.


I have been thinking about this for weeks now! Will so be the suck. :confused:

As far as next year...
Fitness will be more of the same as this year.
Will also be making a career move, buying a truck, and having alot more sex.


Please elaborate on the sex part...and the truck part as well. (What can I say,its a Texan thing)

It happens to the best of us.